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APAC: Psst, Hey You, Want Some Pot? A Massage? Maybe Paint By Numbers?

At one time APAC was great resource for performers. It was ran by veteran performers who had basically seen it all.. Over the years, it’s transformed into a jumbled mess of  mid-level performers who care more about calling themselves “advocates” than they do about being advocates.

Location kept confidential for performer safety?  Like doing dope and giving massages won’t lead to someone screaming out #MeToo

Will your top secret location keep you safe from this?

Will edibles be the only drugs available at hippie-fest 2019?

California law says you need to be 21 to consume the devils lettuce. Will you be allowing people under 21 to partake in Porn-stock edibles?

  The law permits adults 21 and up to buy 1 ounce of cannabis per day, which is enough material to fill a few dozen joints. You can alternately purchase up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrates found in marijuana edibles such as candies, brownies and breakfast bars.

Will APAC be offering designated drivers?

The California Office of Traffic Safety, or OTS, warns that even small doses of THC can slow a driver’s reaction time and the ability to make decisions. According to OTS, marijuana effects are strongest within the first hour of consumption and those who drive within that time period may double their risk of collision. OTS says impairment may take over four hours to subside – but that is just an estimate and should not be used as a blanket rule.

Did you get permission from your landlord?

For renters, landlords can restrict the use of cannabis or even ban it completely. On the other hand, home owners can legally smoke at their property.

In the future, pass out all the dope you want. just don’t advertise it on twitter, then bring up safety concerns



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