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APAG Reject Melissa Hill Sides With Accused Rapist #AdultIndustrySupportGroup #AISG

A few months back, using performer tweets, TRPWL put a story up accusing performer Lily Cade of rape. The story didn’t contain alot of text, just screen caps from Dolly Leigh & Jasmine Summers. After the story circulated for a few days, Lily Cade, using the comments section of the site, made an apology.  

Flash forward to yesterday, former performer and current nutjob Melissa Hill started promoting her pay to play radio show as having performer Lily Cade as a guest.

After Lily appeared on her show, the nasty rape stuff became just a blogger stirring up “chaos” between co-workers

I wonder if the girls who were assaulted would agree with Melissa’s summation? I’m sure her supporting an accused rapist would go over really well in her member-less Adult Industry Support Group.

None of this is surprising, Melissa was a huge fan of disgraced former blogger Mike South, and was recently kicked out of APAG, a scam union looking to make a buck..

Melissa is also the same chick who backed racist Davina Davis. Wanna be in Melissa’s good graces, drop and N-bomb and commit a few sexual assualts then blame it on bloggers…

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