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APHSS Meeting Deets

NL-A few of the people that attended the APHSS meeting are- Kevin at Type 9 models, Diane Duke, Nina Hartley, Michael Fattorosi, Mark Kernes, Allan Gelbard, Alia Janine, Shy Love.  Diane Duke says everyone that tests in the months of September & March will also be tested for Syphillis. You only have to be tested for Syph every six month.

These are tweets from the meeting by the FSC. They are in backwards order as to time.-

FreeSpeechCoalition ‏@FSCArmy
Mtg over – THANKS to all that showed & watched – You guys rock – will have video soon – keep you posted

Girlfriends’ Dan O’Connell says if AHF wanted to REALLY help performers, they’d fund HIV education

Also, no agreement on who is going to do enforcement – LAPD? Public Health? CalOSHA? Film LA?

Attorney Karen Tynan says there’s been no implementation of ordinance so far; many conflicts between state & city regs holding them up

LA County Board of Supervisors voted this morning 2 delay vote on putting condoms on Nov ballot – they need more info about enforcement

Dr Miao recommends performers KEEP A LOG of performances, personal contacts, so they know who & how many they have had contact w/

Dr Miao is now explaining the actual details/procedure of what happens if, God forbid, you contract HIV

We are talking about testing recommendations for the near future – specifically, syphilis :-/

HIV specialist & Cutting Edge’s Dr. Miao is now talking about HIV testing, viral loads, antibodies & different tests

We’ll have video of APHSS(.)org mtg 4 those that would like info but missed the stream – APHSS streaming on LOL

Attorney Allan Gelbard speaking about how legal liabilities have changed, best compliance policies…

We are discussing legal liabilities for producers/agents that hold on to medical records

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