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APHSS Update

YNOT – Adult Production Health & Safety Services, a voluntary, industry-wide program devoted to ensuring the health of adult performers, has changed its syphilis-testing requirements. Effective immediately, APHSS no longer requires two negative Trep-sure tests before it will clear performers who are new to the industry. Moving forward, the Trep-sure test will be part of the regular panel for everyone who participates in the APHSS program.

“The double Trep-sure was required after some performers tested positive for syphilis in August, to ensure that syphilis within the industry was contained and to protect performers from contracting syphilis from new performers coming in to the industry,’ said Diane Duke, chief executive officer of adult industry trade association Free Speech Coalition, which administers APHSS. “After discussing result trends with APHSS physicians, it was determined that two tests for new performers are no longer necessary.”

The program also added two new clinics to its roster of participating testing providers. Located in Las Vegas, both are part of the nationwide network STD Testing Clinics; one is at 500 E. Windmill Lane #115, and the other is at 2051 N. Rainbow Blvd #100.

“The facilities and physicians at STD Testing Clinics are top-notch,” Duke said. “They are committed to providing quality service to our performers at a competitive price. We want to make sure performers have a broad range of choices for testing, and STD Testing Clinics is an excellent option.”

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