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April Fool’s Day Jokes…


The Funny Sexist™ ‏   Men, it’s #AprilFools Day. It’s the one day of the year you can tell your girlfriend you’ve been cheating on her.

The Funny Sexist™ ‏@TheFunnySexist  My girlfriend told me she’s pregnant. It was an #AprilFools though. Joke’s on her because I threw her down the stairs.

Khori.J ‏ @Khori4Prez  If you have feelings for someone, tell them. And if their reaction isnt what you wanted, just say #aprilfools !! lol

Ron Dias ‏ @Ron_Dias Go to a parking lot and put sticky notes on people’s cars saying “Sorry for the damage”. Watching them is priceless.. #AprilFools

Prince Charles ‏ @Charles_HRH Dissolved all parliaments throughout the Commonwealth. Restored all powers back to the throne. #aprilfools

Lightskin. ♔ ‏ @LiseyCouture  April Fools is just an excuse for people to tell the truth then act like it’s a lie.

Paul and Storm ‏ @paulandstormb   [S] April Fools is my stripper name.

Howie Mandel ‏ @howiemmandel I’m spending the day shouting April fools after everything I say. The day has just begun and my wife is already pissed.

Elijah Daniel ‏ @AGuyWithNoLife One time when I was little for April Fools my parents dropped me off at a fire station and drove off. They’re such pranksters.

NL- Google put out an April Fool’s joke also. Go to Google maps and click the QUEST button top right, to see their “new” version

What’s the April Fool’s Headline would you like to read?  I can think of a couple I’d like to do, but they all seem to be just mean. Guess i am in a evil mood…  ?

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