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April O’Neil Premieres Girlsway Directorial Debut Fooling the Probation Officer

Adult streaming powerhouse Adult Time’s top lesbian studio Girlsway proudly presents the directorial debut of April O’Neil in Fooling the Probation Officer, online now at
A longtime Girlsway fan favorite who reigned as 2017’s Girlsway Girl of the Year, O’Neil was more than up to the task of directing her first scene with stars Lena Paul and Charlotte Stokely; she even makes a special (non-sex) appearance as the stern probation officer who pays a visit to bad girl Charlotte to ensure she’s staying out of trouble.

“We are so pleased to include April among our roster of creative female directors for Girlsway!” says Bree Mills, Girlsway’s creator and Chief Creative Officer at Adult Time
“Who’s this?” asks Officer O’Neil as she eyes Lena suspiciously. “This is my girlfriend!” lies Charlotte. “You guys wouldn’t mind kissing then… you can just pretend I’m not here, it’s fine…” When Lena protests, O’Neil stands firm: “I can do a background check…”

“I had such a great time directing for Girlsway,” said O’Neil of the experience, “and am so grateful to the cast and crew for helping me make an amazing scene that I hope everyone enjoys watching!”

Charlotte Stokely added, “I watched the trailer for this scene today and I laughed so hard! This was such a fun and quirky concept. I don’t wanna give anything away, but we definitely included April into our sex scene. She couldn’t touch us, but…. we sure had sex on top of her!
“This was my first time working with Lena Paul, and I’m personally very happy with it because she said I gave her a strong orgasm! This pleases me greatly. I love bringing Girlsway ideas to life and also absolutely love the dedicated Girlsway fans!“

Fooling the Probation Officer is available now at and the dedicated channel on the Adult Time platform at, home to the most extensive catalog of award-winning content – with access to over 100 channels and 60,000 episodes in one subscription!

Learn more about new Girlsway director April O’Neil by following her on Twitter @undeux.

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