Are you a sex addict? Find out, if you have these 8 signs!

Let’s all face it; human beings are fashioned to have sex. In fact, while other mammals have sex for procreation purposes, human beings do it (most of the time anyway) for pleasure. According to a BBC report, men think about fornicating 19 times a day! I’m not bullshitting.

I’m sure we all agree it’s healthy to think about sex. But the problem arises when you have a mental breakdown because you’ve not had sex for two days or find your escort bills surpassing your groceries bill. Sex addiction is real, folks. The Porn Dude is going to look at some of the signs of sex addiction. Have you been divorced because your partner found you fucking with the babysitter? Or lost your job because your boss found you beating meat to porn? Maybe you have some problem. If you haven’t seen the following signs, then good for you. Go fuck with impunity.

Double life

You may be a lousy cheat, and you are continually hiding your whereabouts or how you spend your money from your partner. That in itself is not necessarily a sign of sex addiction, but if you have some sexual secrets that you can’t disclose to anyone, or you somehow figure out how to sleep with two women at any given opportunity, it’s time to take it down a notch. Think of it this way; your sex life is private; we get it. But if you think your life would be one hell of a mess if people knew your sexual secrets and you have to keep lying about it, that should send alarm bells ringing.

Exploit others for sex

This one is tricky. Because on one hand, you are a good guy. You are passionate about kids; you listen to your partner if they had a crap day and you genuinely care about her feelings. But regarding sex, you couldn’t give two fucks about people. To you, they are just objects to get you off. What happens to them afterward is the least of your concerns, and you will do anything to make a woman part her legs for you. Dude, you need to chill the fuck out.

You can make a sex joke anywhere

Everyone loves an occasional dirty joke. But if you are making sexual remarks at a funeral when you find out your neighbor has a granddaughter you’d gladly tap, you may be addicted to sex. If you can’t listen to your flatmate whining about the crazy day she had because you are busy winking suggestively at her, then maybe you are in too deep. It’s time to pull your fingers out.

Your life is a crisis

Sex is good, we all know that. But when it becomes your priority, then there is a problem. You are trying to fuck your boss. Once you succeed, you are thinking about the girl seated opposite from your workstation, once you bang her, you are thinking about the new girl in the office. You have two credit cards your spouse knows nothing about and your life is a mess. You’ve managed to stay employed, but you are always broke. You put out everything you own to feed your insatiable appetite for some pussy.  That’s not a good sign at all.

Preoccupied with sex

Don’t get me wrong. It’s totally normal for any man to go like ‘wow, look at that ass.’ But that’s not the preoccupation I’m talking about here. I’m talking about you being unable to concentrate on your job or anything for more than 10 minutes without going back to your fantasies. When you are not fantasizing, you are planning your next move, and when you are not doing any of that, you are busy having sex. This makes you ashamed, so you fight it by having even more sex.

Out of control

To you, sex comes first; you don’t care about the consequences until you’ve dipped that dick. It’s not enough to cheat on your wife, and you bang her best friend on the couch while she is upstairs. You are fucking your co-worker on the boss’ desk. Some of the things you do will screw you in future, and you know it, but you still can’t help it. You officially have a problem, sex addiction.

You fap all the time

And I mean all the time. In the morning, afternoon, at night, or even right after sex with your partner passed out beside you. Maybe you also do it in the car in traffic. I’m not judging you or anything, but there is a problem. If you want to continue jerking off, be my guest, but if you are doing it 30 times a week, you need to take a step back. Two would be better.

You hit up friends for sex

If you start reviving friendships from 10 years ago just so you can have some sex, you’ve hit rock bottom my friend. You need to have a long, hard look at the mirror. I mean, friends with benefits are good and all that, but it has to be mutual. You don’t have to go seeking for sex from your plutonic basket unless you are not scoring anywhere (which would be understandable) or worse, you are a sex addict.


Have you experienced any of the above signs? Maybe it’s time you seek professional help. I get it, it’s embarrassing and all that, but before you lose everything to this all-consuming obsession, it’s better to do something while you can.

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