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Are You Exquisite?

Mark Kernes writes on July 4:

PORN VALLEY – Exquisite Multimedia is looking for a contract girl … but not just any contract girl.

“I’m looking for my own dirty little animal,” says Exquisite CEO Jerry Estrada. “She has to be filthy. No prude porn bitches here. I’m looking for a cross between Jenna Jameson and Paris Gables.”

Paris, for those who don’t know, is Extreme’s contract girl, and as Estrada describes her, “She fucking does anal; she pukes herself; she’s beyond filthy.”

Steve York posts to XPT:

I guess its the holiday so all of AVN’s normal “writers” are off (considering they just farm XPT for stories to repost and get paid for; yeah, you know who you are you fucking losers)…looks like Mark Kernes is just godless and pathetic enough to write two of their headline stories on this most glorious of holidays (and the other pathetic diatribe on 2257 isn’t worth my drunkened deciphering).

Well, it looks like Mark was forced to deliver a few articles by some deadline, and really this is a new low in “journalism” even for AVN. I’m at a total loss for words on how pathetic one of the top names in the adult business is in even posting this “story”.

I don’t even need to vent on Mark, Equisite, or the Jenna/Paris Gables hybrid (Paris WHO?) hoping to be cultivated from this marketing masterpiece as I think everyone here can come to their own conclusion.

But really…I tried calling the 818 number to report my “find” ten minutes ago to “Jerry Estrada” and it was “Out of Service.” Looks like Exquisite and Mark can let me become a millionaire on my newest discovery: I’m naming her Paris Jameson Long.

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