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Are You Missing Raven Alexis?- So Here’s The Story & An Update

Raven Alexis, mother of two babies aged 3 & 5, fiance’ of Steven, (aka dirtjunior, talented photographer, who prefers to shoot heavy metal bands,)   has had a long hard road this year.

It started when she broke her hip. Then she broke her foot.

She wondered what was going on, and why she was so fragile.

The doctors told her she had liver cancer that had spread, she also had tumors in her brain.

The brain tumors cause seizures and terrible pain, but Raven perseveres.

 She continues to battle the big “C”. She recently re-broke her hip. Although it has been the toughest struggle, Raven has maintained a positive attitude, an upbeat persona, a smile, and wisdom beyond her years.

 Steven says- Raven’s condition is day to day, Today her brain tumors are very painful. Raven has had a bad last couple of days, but we put up a brand new XMAS tree to raise her spirits and bring her happiness!! Please keep sending those cards+letters+emails, they really help a lot!!!

So let’s do that!

Raven Alexis
PO Box 3871

Valley Village, CA 91617

NL- Love you girlfriend!


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