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Aria Has No Regrets

She posts on ADT (backstory):

I am very much at peace with no regrets. My opinions are simply my opinions. When I talk about the industry I am not referring to any specific part. I am simply speaking of the sex industry as a whole. If people feel I am hypocritical, their opinion is just as valid to them as mine is to me. It isn’t the business that screwed up my life, it is the circumstances that occurred in my life due to my involvement in the business. It is just that, a business. And sex is simply the product being marketed. It will always be around regardless of the moral issue due to the fact that the paycheck is significant. I don’t expect the business to be shut down. It would not be a realistic expectation. My moral and religious beliefs are my beliefs alone. It don’t expect anyone to agree or side with me. If my opinion is unwelcome, then so be it. My opinions are based on my personal experiences and the experiences of those (who were also in the business) closest to me. Everyone deals with life differently, so everyone will see things from their own viewpoint……The interview was based on my viewpoint. Thats all…I am simply beating a dead horse at this point because regardless of what I say, it just sounds like I am trying to defend myself. And there is no need.As for the Portuguese, no, I don’t speak it!! My mother had 7 children in 8 years and there was just no way she. But I wish I did. My family is actually from the Azores.

Savoy posts:

There are people who perform sex on camera and still keep God in their life. Tiana Lynn has talked about her relationship with God. Randy Spears has been wearing that crucifix around his neck for 15+ years. I’m sure there are more and each of those individuals has reconciled their religious beliefs with their profession. Each has done it in their own way – picking what works for them morally. But I also bet for every person who does that, there are probably 25 atheists or agnostics.If you’re a traditional Christian, I think the conflict arises and has more to do with not practicing monogamy, sex without matrimony (fuck – sex without even friendship – sex with NO relationship at all) the performance of perverse sexual practices such as sodomy and homosexual acts. Things you’re taught as a Christian not to do, much less have the sins recorded and mass distributed. lol Aria/Keri also touched on the whole matter of sex as a gift from god to be used as a means of emotional and spiritual connection between man and woman. Nobody wants that in their porno! So basically, perverting god’s gift and using it in a defiled manner for profit.

Now you can believe all that or you can believe what you wrote. That sex is good and beautiful and joyful and should be celebrated. That God did give us a gift and meant for us to enjoy it. In fact, i think if this whole “sex is healthy and good” thing was practiced more (I’m thinking Nina Hartley’s attitude, who is atheist btw), porn would be much better.

But a lot of porn consumers get off on the fact that a sexual act is wrong and perverse. Why else do you like double anal? It’s traditionally wrong, right? Why else do people love seeing a girl get banged and multiple guys dumping their loads in her? It’s dirty. These reactions support the christian church’s morals by acknowledgement. They wouldn’t exist if the morals didn’t exist first.

I would be interested to learn more. What role if any does religion or spirituality play in a performer’s life? Is lack of spirituality a contributing factor to burn out?

I’m done. And Aria did mention in her interview that she enjoyed the on-camera sex. Guess you missed that part.

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