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Devinn Lane writes on ADT:

Wow! I’ve always loved Aria and that will not change even though her opinions may seem a little extreme to me. I’ve noticed that when girls have a bad experience in this business they often swing to the other side of the spectrum.

The last time I shot her was on Road Trixx 2 and her ex-husband, his girlfriend, and Lee Stone were all present. Little did I know about the drama. Lee and Aria were great and Aria really went out of her way to accommodate and the ex and the girlfriend. The girlfriend was a fucking nightmare on set! I won’t even bother going into the large list of details regarding that girl. Anyway, it seemed like Aria was really in over her head with trying to “caretake” for everyone involved. It’s easy to do and often you don’t realize the effect it’s having on your life until it’s too late.

Now here’s my suggestion to Aria and any other person out there that is a perpetual “caretaker”:
1. Know that at any given time you have the option to say NO
2. Screw the Jesus crap. That world is more full of BS than porno.
3. Try an Al-Anon meeting or two. You’ll be amazed to find out that your life is the way it is because you are addicted to taking care of other people and forget to take care of yourself first.

Aria, I adore you. If you need anything give me a shout.


Aria reponds:

Wow. I never realized so many people would actually read the interview. However, thank you for even bothering to post about it.
I realize it seems that I was bashing the Porn industry and blaming it for my problems, but that is far from true. I am the first to admit that I made the decision to do porn and I alone am responsible for the outcome. If you actually listen to the entire interview (which is extremely long) as opposed to just rteading the written interview I think I made that point quite clear. Mike says that I was such a “genuine whore” on camera, and he was absolutely right! I don’t deny that I enjoyed doing what I did. However, in order to be that genuine whore, I had to put my emotions and my morals somewhere else. And while I was genuinely that person during that time, it wasn’t who I really wanted to be. I have been a Christain since I was 3 years old. That doesn’t mean I am not capable of sin, it just means I chose to give my life to Christ and that I am a lot more convicted when I do sin. It is not a title that I took on after leaving the industry so I could talk down to others and tell them what horrible sinners they are. When I was in the industry, I did not have a relationship with God. It doesn’t mean that I wasn’t still a Christian, but I was not living my life the way I believed that I should, therefore I turned my back on God along with my family and my closest friends. And so truthfully, Aria is just Keri without morals. It is genuinely me not taking into regard what I believe is right or wrong. Without that, it was very easy to let the genuine whore side shine through.
The only reason I did the interview with luke is because he asked me to. I don’t push my beliefs on people and never will. However, if I am asked, I will be honest and open completely disregarding how it will affect other peoples view of me.
And for the record, I am extremely happy in life. I am not bitter towards the business or emotionally scarred by my time in the business. I grew up a lot over those years, and it helped shape me into the woman I am today. Even my fitness career florished due to the fact that I was so confident and comfortable in front of crowds and interacting with strangers. Everything is so much easier in life after doing it naked! And my relationship with Lee, well thats between me and Lee and me and God. Any guilt or condemnation that I deserve is not anyones concern but my own. I am not trying to change or convert Lee, and the reason I do not judge him or leave him is because I understand the business. We were in it together, and just because I left it doesn’t change who either of us are. Yes, it is a double standard on my part, but again, no ones business. It is between me and God, and affects no one but Lee and I. I am not blameless and will always struggle with sin….
Anyways, it was intersting to read everyones opinions and thanks for the feedback!
And Devinn, it is always a pleasure to hear from you!

Brian posts:

I think it’s incredibly hypocritical for anyone to criticize someone’s opinions on their former profession when they’ve never had any experience with that profession. All you’ll ever be is adult film fans. You’ll never be adult film actors. You don’t know what Aria/Keri went through.

It’s like the sad, unathletic, overweight slobs who criticize professional football players for not “sucking it up” and playing through the pain. They’ll only ever be professional football fans. They’ll never be athletes.

So you “hate” Aria/Keri for leaving the adult film industry and then, God forbid, have something bad to say about it? Aria/Keri has observed that the adult film industry can be very destructive to most of the people in it. You see, she was actually IN the adult film industry. She knows what goes on. She just doesn’t jerk off to its products. Do you hate her because she possibly is confirming what you’ve always suspected but denied while you were masturbating? That the circumstances of adult film production aren’t very morally or ethically good? Does it bother you because what she’s saying may have some truth to it?

I wish Aria/Keri all the best and I sincerely hope she finds peace within herself and those she loves.

The only two people in this thread who know what Aria/Keri has gone through are Katja Kean and Devinn Lane. I respect their opinions. The rest of you are pathetic and judgmental.

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