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Ariel X- Exclusive Interview- by Jon

LIB’s Jon interviews Ariel X

Why did you choose the stage names Ariel X and Ariel Carmine? Do you sill  use Ariel Carmine?
When I first started modeling, I wanted to chose a name that started with an “A” because most websites list models alphabetically. I use to go on a lot of porn sites and I would search for girls starting with the A’s because Ireally had no idea who any of the girls were so I would blindly search for hot girls to jerk off to alphabetically. I assumed a lot of other people did
that as well, although now I realize that isn’t the case. I figured if I was listed in the beginning of the alphabet I would get more exposure. I wanted a name that was exotic and uncommon so that is how I picked Ariel for my name. I think a photographer picked the name Carmine for me to use and technically I only used it for about 3 shoots but people still list me under
that name even though I request on the model releases that they use Ariel X.  I chose Ariel X while I was collaborating with Kelly Lind for a website. We were trying to think of a name for the site ( because some jackass bought and as he got to know me and my personality he thought it was be a good idea to change my stage name to Ariel X. Ariel X is mysterious and resembles the name of a comic book character. I’m a huge comic book and cheesy movie fan. I am also a huge fan of Godzilla and Monster X J So Ariel X is an Ode to all the things I love.

Which came first for you the joys of fetish or the joys of sex?
I didn’t start having sex until I was 20 but before sex I did a lot of jerking off. I mostly used Fashion magazines and ads. I was mildly obsessed with Kate Moss. She has some pretty hot feet. Most of the fashion ads back then and ever today are very sexy and cater to a lot of fetishes. I love feet, I love foot massages I love getting pedicures and having my feet pampered. I use to run Cross country and I would get really sore feet. My mom bought me this electric foot rubber. I was probably about 12 years old the first time I used it and that is when I learned I had a foot fetish. Once that foot massager touched my feet I started getting a tingling sensations all the way up my legs that led to you know where. It was exciting. From that day on I associated orgasms with feet and thus was born my foot fetish.

Was your single released in Europe in 2005? Do you have any other musical projects in the pipeline?
The music singles were Bullshit. That’s the project I worked on that taught me a good lesson. I put a lot of work into the project. It didn’t cost me anything other than my time and talent but wouldn’t you know it the producer disappeared on me and nothing ever came from the project. The lesson I learned was to shut my mouth about projects until I know for sure they are going to pan out or until I get paid for them. Otherwise I end up looking like a total Bser idiot. Ugh thanks for reminding me about that one LOL

You liked sick jokes when you were in High School. Can you tell us one? What’s your favorite joke at the moment?
The jokes are pretty bad!! Get ready to be shocked and offended……’s one of my favorites and not a lot of people “get” the joke but if you do, you’re a sick fuck LOL-

What do you get when you stab a baby?
Answer: A boner
You can find more dead baby jokes here :

You started with photo shoots in 2003. Do you still do many shoots? Is there a photographer that you’d really like to work with?
I still do a lot of photoshoots but not nearly as many as I did when I was first starting out. I use to shoot with any and all photographers who asked me and I would do TFCD or trade shoots trying to get my name out there and build content for my site. I don’t shoot unless I get paid nowadays because it’s simply not worth it to me to do if to free. I do not have a pay site at the moment. I take tons of candid pictures for my fans to see on my blog which I think they appreciate more than the posed professional pictures. I still love Kelly Lind’s work and there’s a girl named Rachel Stephens who is really the bees knees.

You modeled for the Miller Beer Company. What’s your favorite beer? Has anyone challenged your claim that you can drink more than them?
I don’t drink as much as I use to. When I go out and party with friends I will have a drink and I still can pound them down. My favorite beer is Arrogant Bastard but I prefer hard liquor to beer any day. Vodka is my fav. I have had guys write me to try to challenge me but honestly I wouldn’t meet up with some stranger and get drunk with them…NO WAY NO DAY sista

If you could have your own uncensored reality TV show would it be about dating, fetish or something different?
I could have an uncensored reality TV show I would have it like the Ultimate Fighter show that’s on spike but it will have girls who oil wrestle  who are competing for the championship oil wrestler belt. I am obsessed with the Ultimate Fighter reality TV show. I like the drama I like the fights. I think they do great character development which makes people want to root
for certain fighters and gets the emotionally attached to the show. If anyone wants to collaborate with me on this I would love to be one of the coaches and I think we should get Dia Zerva to be the other coach…let’s do this folks….who doesn’t want to watch hot chicks oil wrestle?

You’ve had a small role in a horror film and other speaking parts. Would you like to succeed in crossover like Sasha Gray?
I would love to crossover, I love horror movies. I love cheesy movies. The fact of the matter is that these type of movies don’t have budgets and expect people to work for free…which is all well and good but I can’t do free work anymore. I have bills to pay I have mouths to feed Jon,  I think every girl dreams of crossing over. Mainstream work pays a lot more and the reality is most of the world frowns upon sex workers but they idolize celebrities. Who doesn’t want to be idolized and adored? Honestly I don’t think I’m a great actress so I’m not counting on a huge crossover career.

What are your two comic books going to be about?
 My comic is about a girl who kills people who kill people. It’s like Dexter but remember I started my comic 6 years ago, long before Dexter come along. My character, kills the radical religious people who blow up abortion clinics and the likes. It’s not really a comic though there is some dark humor in there. It’s more of a graphic novel but my art work isn’t that
great. I do it mostly for myself; I have never shared the actual hard copy with anyone, just the idea.

You described your scene for’s Public Disgrace as ‘a wet dream come true.’ Would you like to do something more extreme and what would that be?

The Public Disgrace scene was my favorite scene I’ve ever done for I was in a very vulnerable spot and really had to put all my trust into Princess Donna. The bar was filled with dozed of crazed horney lesbian. Thatalone is what made it a wet dream come true. I was scared during the shoot and I felt like a little kitty running to Princess Donna for protection.
There were some scary Lesbos in the bar who thought they could literally do anything and everything to me and it would be totally okay. They were trying to fist my ass LOL I haven’t been fisted in my ass and I wasn’t about to have some novice Jane off the street try it out on me…I’ll stick the experts for stuff like that. I know it sounds silly but I felt like I bonded with Princess Donna that night. She was my rock and protected me but still pushed me enough to make the night exciting and unforgettable.

How would you describe your wrestling style? Why do you like wrestling?
I do freestyle wrestling. I love wrestling because I’m actually good at it. I like controlling people and competing. Like I said, I use to run Cross Country. I am a competitive person. I like to win. I like to push myself. I am very physically active in my personal life. I work out every day. I train with weights, I do cardio. I love pushing my body to see how fast and hard I can go. Wrestling gives validation that my hard work pays off. When I win it shows me that the training paid off and if I lose it lets me know I need to train harder. I like being in control of a girl and watching her squirm in my holds. I like hearing her breathing change from being aggressive to being frustrated. Nothing is more satisfying than watching a girl gas out and give up because I over powered her. Call it an napoleon complex if you will. I’m a small person at 5’4 110lb. If I can get a bigger opponent to tap out it
gives me a thrill.

What do you like about working with directors such as Kathryn Annelle and Nica Noelle?
I love working with Kathryn and Nica because they usually give their girls a treatment of what basic lines they want us to use to build up the scene and then once we get to the sex part they let us do whatever we want. They allow us to really get into the sex without cutting to make us change position. It is real lesbian sex! Both ladies treat their talent like queens on set. They are very respectful and thoughtful of each and every girl they use. There are 3 female directors that I feel are going to change the way lesbian movies are shot. Kathryn and Nica are two and Dana Dane is the third.

You’ve two recent scenes with Marie Luv in Triangle’s River Rock Women’s Prison and Elexis Monroe in Sweetheart Video’s Elexis Unleashed.What did you like about working with these girls?

Marie Luv is one of my favorite girls to work with. She’s got a tight body on her and she is very very sensual. I have done a couple of scenes with Marie and each time she give me 100%. She is just a sexy girl who knows what she wants and how to give other girls what they want. I would love to work with Marie again and again. She has the ability to be nice and sweet one minute and then snap into a dominate sex-crazed woman the next moment. I have only worked with Elexis Monroe once so far. I would love to work with her again. She is a very sweet girl. I got to know her a little while we were on set. She’s very humble. She’s really into women as well so our scene was pretty hot.

Sweetheart Video has a contract girl and Girlfriends Films have three. Would you like to be the face for a company one day and why?
I would love to be the face of company. I have worked extensively with Triangle films and with Dana Dane for her Erockovision line. I have great faith in these women’s projects along with a bunch of other companies as well. I am honored that they like my work enough to keep me coming back and working with babes.  Jon I don’t know that I could afford to be contracted to
work exclusively with only one company. I only do g/g and honestly the work is scarce enough as it is but the flip side of that is I will know exactly how much work and how much I will make so I can budget myself wisely.

What’s it like filming with Dana Dane?
Dana Dane is a total Babe. I have a real life crush on her. She’s edgy, she’s sweet, she’s a gentlewoman. If she were single I would swoop her up in a heartbeat. She has great taste; she always hooks me up with a babe for her movies. I like working with her because she will book me for the last scene so me and the crew can go out afterwards and grab a few drinks and hang out for a little. I love having a real relationship with the people I work with. It makes me feel like a human being and not like just a pay check LOL.

Which company, director or girl would you like to work with that you haven’t yet worked with?
I would really like to work with Viv Thomas or Andrew Blake. I don’t think either of these directors are interested in me as several people have mentioned me to them both and they have not shown any interest. I still love their work and respect their choices on who they do and do not work with. They might have looked me up and found pictures of me flexing my huge biceps
and they got intimidated LOL totally kidding. Candidly, I must say, they might have run into some of my BDSM stuff and that could have turned them off…that kind of stuff isn’t for everyone. C’est La Vie.

You’ve had three AVN Award nominations so far. Would you like to win one an why?
Winning an AVN award isn’t that important to me. If it happens I would be utterly thrilled and grateful but if it doesn’t I’m not going to bad mouth anyone and say I got snubbed or anything. As long as the movies I’m in win some sort of award I am very happy and proud to be a part of something that wins. The thing that I feel is more rewarding that winning any award is the
nice emails from fans. I love that the consumers like my work and pay to see me perform and then write me to tell me how much they enjoyed my scenes….at the end of the day, that is the only award I need…it’s my very own, personal people’s choice award.

You’re a self confessed computer nut and you even work weekends at shows to talk about them. What do you like so much about computers?
 I use to work at a computer store where I would work computer conventions but I haven’t worked there in several years. I still keep up with tech dork stuff because it’s almost impossible not to. I have to keep in touch with my fans so I need to know how to work a computer. The one thing I DON’T like about computers is how brave assholes get being behind a monitor thousands
of miles away from me thinking they can say really mean stupid shit. If they tried to say to my face some of the shit they write to me I could easily pile drive their asses. I’m a badass, don’t mess with the X. LOL  Computers are simply great. What I love about computers is that I really don’t ever need to leave my house. I literally can buy or find anything online and I can find it cheaper online (usually) than I can find it shopping at a store. I am a huge hermit. That’s one thing people need to understand about me. I don’t go out much at all. I prefer to stay at home over going out to large social events. I rarely ever go to industry parties unless it’s to support a friend. I hate nightclubs. I get enough attention via the internet that I don’t ever feel the need to go out and been seen and hit on. I live in cyberspace and I love it.

If you could have any sex toy or piece of bondage equipment for Christmas what would it be?
OH wow, this is an awesome question, maybe someone will actually get it for me.  Jon, I really want a sex swing. I know that sounds really stupid and cliché but I want one so bad. My partner is going in for neck surgery and the swing would take a lot of stress of his bones LOL…poor bastard….The swing would be awesome and fun and pretty interesting to show off to people when they come over.

Can you tell us about your dogs? Do you have any other pets?
I use to have a blood hound, name Cleo. She passed away recently. We had her for 8 years. She was smelly and slobbery and in general a very disgusting dog but she was the best doggie in the world. My partner has 2 great Danes. Danes are the most loveable doggies in the world. They sleep in bed with us sometimes. They take up so much room. They are about 140lbs each, eat us out of house and home and slobber all over the place. I also have 9 chickens who lay eggs and I eat their eggs every morning. They are bastards, the chickens are. They don’t really like people unless you have food. Attila the Hen was killed by a coyote recently which really pissed me off. Attila was my favorite chicken because she usually let me pet her and sometimes hold her…

Where can people find Ariel X on the net?
I can be found all over the place but I would really like to invite folks over to my free blog at If you are wrestling fans you have to check me out at and I am very interactive in the wrestling blogs and chats. Also, Please support where you can see me fighting like a maniac with many other hot and sexy combatants. Thank you for this opportunity.  xo Ariel X

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