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Asa Akira Does Blacksmithing – Hobbies

Asa Akira Does Blacksmithing - Hobbies

Asa Akira and The Hundreds are back with another episode of Hobbies with Asa Akira and this time things heat up as Asa tries blacksmithing! Asa Akira goes to a shop called Sword in the Stone in Burbank, California where she is going to learn how to forge her very own Hello Kitty knife with big, blacksmith, Tony Swatton.

“Just ate a rotten banana. I should be disgusted with myself, but swallowing loads for a living really puts things into perspective.” – Asa Akira

Tony Swatton is no stranger to porn and has actually created props for them before. Unfortunately he didn’t specify which ones. He’s fun, charismatic and makes this video really enjoyable.

Tony has the knife and Asa has the sheaf together they create magic with tons of dirty jokes along the way. Watch if you want to see gloves made for tiny, Asian porn stars (no, not that kind of glove) and what happens when you don’t have lube and you just have to go in dry.

She bangs and bangs her metal into shape and at the end is left with a little Hello Kitty knife (knife play anyone? ouch!) It’s a great process and one of the best videos from the series.

The knife ended up coming out great considering it started out looking like a medieval torture dildo.

The Hobbies with Asa Akira have been so much fun!  We got into hobbies that are sometimes considered weird but it was a great chance to showcase skills that often go unnoticed or unappreciated. Asa probably feels the same way. When you bring together passionate and often misunderstood people, magic happens.

Check out this porn legend and  AVN winner take on tattooing, boxing, ice carving and more. We deliver all sexy and sweaty hard work from Asa in previous blog posts. Enjoy!

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