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Asa Akira Does Crochet – Hobbies

Asa Akira Does Crochet - Hobbies

We’re back with one of our favorite Asian pornstars Asa Akira and The Hundreds to bring you Episode 3 of Hobbies with Asa Akira! This week she’s going GILF mode on us and learning the art of how to crochet. She visits an art hub called Gather DTLA in Los Angeles where she meets with Renaissance, a professional crocheter, who is going to teach her how to use her hands.

Renaissance gives Asa Akira a quick speech and points out the differences between crochet and knitting. Knitting is two needles and crocheting is one with a hook. Blue haired Renaissance sits down to teach Asa Akira how to crochet her very own bikini top and who doesn’t get hot images of 70s girls in their hemp bikinis. Crocheting is no longer just for grannies. It’s for sexy girl talk and teeny, weeny bikinis.

Asa Akira enjoys it so much  she’s just about ready to invent her very own niche category. Coming to you soon fetish also known as women and men who only wear crochet. How are your yarn balls feeling? The niche will be complete with pussy covers and knitted bondage gear. Perhaps, she’ll test her skills at vaginal knitting next and get down and dirty with some yarn Kama Sutra style. If you don’t know what I am talking about check it out here.

Here at we all know that you are here for the naked girls and if you want to see Asa Akira wiggle around in her handmade, too tight, crochet bikini top you can always scrub and scroll to the end in the way of a true, avid porn viewer.

Want to see what else Asa Akira is up to? Check out her previous videos where she tattooed herself onto a tattoo artist and when she cut open a dead bunny to try her hand at taxidermy. Keep coming back for re-caps on all Asa Akira’s hobbies brought to us by The Hundreds.

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