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Asa Akira does Ice Carving – Hobbies

Asa Akira Does Ice Carving - Hobbies

“We’re all just the product of a vaginal cream pie” ― Asa Akira

Asian porn legend Asa Akira and The Hundreds are back with another episode of Hobbies with Asa Akira. This time she’s trying her hand at the fine art of ice sculpting. We can safely say that ice carving has never been so…hot. She heads on over to LA Ice Art and meets up with the artist Rex who is going to teach her how to whittle down an ice block into a detailed tropical fish.

Rex has been working on films and doing ice sculptures for celebrities for a considerable time and you can even check out his work in the new movie Mortdecai. Asa Akira really vibes with Rex’s chill personality and even though she’s reluctant to take on a full “7 feet”, he’s going to show her how to carve like a pro.

He first shows her how the large blocks of ice are made and then takes her into the freezer to grab a 300 pound block which she pulls off pretty well even though it’s seemingly not easy. It must be her arm workout from her previous episode on boxing. The struggle is real but she is able to overcome!

They get her all snug in her ice carving uniform so she doesn’t get wet… who doesn’t want Asa Akira wet?

Next comes time for the carving, they start by scratching out the shape of the fish before turning on the chainsaw and going straight for it. He teaches her to manipulate the ice and carve based on a plan. Let’s see how good Asa Akira is with her hands.

Then it goes into an epic montage of chiseling, more sawing and carving until you begin to see the ice carving really making progress and shaping up.

In the end she does well but she didn’t enjoy it as much as her other hobbies namely crocheting and boxing. We keep you updated on all the Asa Akira and The Hundreds collabs so check them out if you want to see a porn star tattoo someone, crochet a bikini top, try taxidermy and more. Asa may be retired from starring in porn, but she obviously has no trouble keeping busy. Stay tuned for her next adventure!

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