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Asa Akira does Taxidermy – Hobbies

Hobbies with Asa Akira - Taxidermy

“Why get a real job, when I can just give a blow job”– Asa Akira

Asa Akira and The Hundreds are back with Episode 2 of Hobbies With Asa Akira! This time the Asian porn goddess is trying out her newest hobby,taxidermy! But what is taxidermy? Well for those who don’t know it’s the process of preparing, stuffing and mounting dead animals for display. Asa is great at both stuffing and mounting so this may not be a stretch! So will this one be her true calling? What happens when Asa Arika does Taxidermy?

For this episode, She meets up with Gary, the owner of Bischoff’s Taxidermy in Burbank, California to see if stuffing dead animals instead of her famous tickle taco will be her new hobby.

This taxidermy shop has been around since 1922 and extremely is well known. They make props for a lot of Hollywood movies and sets with a proud display on their wall of work that they have done. Some of the movies and films that they have worked for include: The Cat in the Hat, Lizzie McGuire, True Blood, The Big Bang Theory and The Scorpion King. Don’t worry, no animals were stuffed in the making of our movies… with the exception of the cougars.

It may be your first instinct in a video with Asa Akira to skip to the “good parts” but this video is genuinely entertaining with Asa Akira balancing the girl next door with her dirty sense of humor and Gary never missing a beat and playing along.

They reconstruct a rabbit (the animal…not the sex toy) who was hit by a car while keeping up light conversation and this time she makes sure to use glove protection. Watch her bring Fluffy Mc Anusson from road kill to movie star before Asa Akira hops off to her next adventure!

Taxidermy with Asa Akira

In the previous episode of Hobbies With Asa Akira, she gave tattooing a try. If you missed it, be sure to check out Asa’s work as a tattoo artist! Remember as always, if you want to see Asa in action, view her Pornstar page at

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