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Asa Akira- Exclusive interview- part 1


NL- I did this interview several weeks ago, since then Asa & Rocco have gotten engaged…

Asa Akira is going to be a well-known name in the very near future, so let’s start by saying it correctly. Asa is pronounced Ah-sah. Beautiful and smart, Asa has an exotic look and the brains to go far in this business. She is starring in big features. She is responsible and reliable. Her sex scenes sizzle. She just got her own website up and running. Asa is making all the right moves to put herself on top in 2010.

Interview By Cindi Loftus [email protected]
©2010 Xcitement Magazine   Photography by Kory Fame & Van Styles
Adult Fun 411: Hi Asa. What are you doing?

Asa Akira: I am in the car with my boyfriend. (She’s dating adult actor Rocco Reed)

411: Well when the guy is driving I always hear about the girl giving him head.
Asa: I know, but I can’t do that because I am the one that’s driving.

411: Well maybe he could do something similar for you!

Asa: (Cracks up) Yeah right. I’m not that good of a driver.

411: I’m glad that you and Rocco got together because you are both sweethearts.

Asa: Thank you. We met on a Wicked set a few months ago and we started dating in December.


411: Did you have a scene with Rocco before you started dating him?

Asa: Yeah.

411: So you fucked him and then you got to know him.

Asa: Pretty much. But our first time was with a condom and a AIM test, so that’s more than I can say for most couples.

411: (Laughs) You are setting a great example for teenagers everywhere!

Asa: (Laughs) Exactly!

411: So where are you guys driving?

Asa: That’s actually an interesting story. We are on our way to a tattoo shop so I can get a tattoo covered. I have my ex’s name on my ankle.

411: What are you going to get there instead?

Asa: I don’t know. Probably something flower-ish.

411: That sounds good. You can’t go wrong with some pretty flowers on your ankle.

Asa: (Laughs) Rocco thinks I should get a tattoo of his face. I’m pretty sure movie companies would stop booking me if I did that.

411: Unless there are a lot of Rocco fans who want to watch you have sex with him on your ankle.  So does Rocco have the ego to go along with how good-looking he is?

Asa: No, he is very down to earth

411: Where were you born and raised?

Asa: I was born and raised in New York City.

411: You don’t have an accent.

Asa: I don’t because I went to private school in Manhattan. So those people didn’t have accents.

411: You were with all the rich kids.

Asa: I was with all the rich kids, but I was on a scholarship, so I was the poor kid among all the rich kids.

411: Were you popular in high school?

Asa: I think I was popular in certain crowds. I was really bad.

411: You?

Asa: I was really bad. Like now I am really good. I used to run away from home a lot and did a lot of drugs and went to raves and that whole scene.

411: I can’t see you doing that.

Asa: I know, I was a totally different person.


411: So now you are a good girl and you just do porn.

Asa: I know, isn’t that weird? The only thing bad I do is porn.

411: How did you get into working in porn?

Asa: It was a really gradual process. When I was nineteen I started dominatrixing.

411:  I can’t imagine you doing that. How tall are you?

Asa: I know right? I am five foot one.

411: You must have a really strong voice and be really bossy if you want to.

Asa: Yeah. It was so much fun because I am such a passive person in my personal life, that doing that was a power trip.

411: So do you tie Rocco up and boss him around?

Asa: (Laughs) I don’t boss him around.

411: Ah, but you tie him up…

Asa: We have really dirty sex.

411: I would love to watch. If you are ever into having someone site in the corner and masturbate while you two have sex let me know!

Asa: You have no idea how into that I am!

411: Cool. After you did Dom, did you strip?

Asa: Yes at the Hustler Club and then there was a radio show called Bubba the Love Sponge that came to the club looking for girls to do promotion. So I did that for one day,  and we got along. So I ended up becoming part of the show for a year. At that time I was going by Akira. Then I meet Gina Lynn and started doing some girl/girl stuff with her.

411: I love Gina Lynn. So what was your first movie ever?

Asa: My first boy/girl scene was for Top Notch Bitches 7.  It’s funny. I met Gina and to me she represented porn. So when I came out to LA I was shocked at how many people in porn were crazy and so different. Gina is so normal. It was a really good way for me to ease into porn, since my first scenes were for her and I knew her.

411: Did you do scenes with Travis? (Travis Knight, Gina’s husband)

Asa: Yes, that was my first boy/girl.

411: They are great.  Do you still stay in contact with them?

Asa: Oh yeah. She’s like my big sister. I’m so glad I have her. So Gina was with Gold Star Modeling and she hooked me up with them. So I packed one suitcase and went out to LA which was supposed to be for two weeks. And I ended up getting a deal with Voyeur Media and ended up staying for six months.

411: So you really rode the roller coaster- private school, troublemaker, dominatrix, stripping, radio show, Gina & Trav, LA porn.

Asa: Uh oh, I just parked somewhere I’m not supposed to.

411: Well I think you are doing quite well. It’s hard enough to drive out there, but to talk on the phone too and park the car. That’s really good. What did I just read about you and Rocco going out to dinner and not bringing money?

Asa: Oh my God, yeah. That just happened. We went to the gym and we waited to be seated at the restaurant for twenty minutes. We ate our whole meal. We had appetizers and everything and then at the end Rocco said I forgot to bring my wallet, and I said I didn’t bring mine either.

411: So how did you pay for it?

Asa: Rocco lives very close so he ran home to get his wallet.

411: So he had to leave you there for ransom….

Asa: He did. I stayed there and apologized to the waitress, I am so sorry. It was so irresponsible of us.


411: You are so adorable. What nationality are you?

Asa: I am Japanese. I lived in Japan from when I was six until thirteen.

411: So you speak Japanese?

Asa: I do.

411: That’s so cool.

Asa: But I never do in my scenes. I refuse too.

411: Why?

Asa: It would disgrace my family.

411: It would be hot if you started talking dirty in Japanese during a scene, but I understand why you don’t want to.

Asa: Yeah, I think porn is enough.

You can read the whole interview and see the pictures here

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