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Asa Akira-Exclusive Interview part 2

Interview By Cindi Loftus [email protected]
Photography by Kory Fame & Van Styles
©2010 Xcitement Magazine

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411: Does your family know what you do?
Asa: Yes they do.
411: And they still talk to you?
Asa: My dad is a photographer and my mom owns a not for profit. They are both progressive people. So they would rather me do something else, but they are happy that I’m happy.
411: So how many movies have you done now?
Asa: You know what? I have no idea.
411: When you did your first movie, do you know the month and the year? Was it just last year?
Asa: It was almost two years ago. When I started my deal with Voyeur, I think it was March of 08. That’s crazy. Time flies.
411: So wasn’t it cool to get nominated for AVN awards? And you also could be getting some more nominations from XRCO.
Asa: Definitely. It’s unreal.
411: So tell me about your favorite scene that you have ever done.
Asa: For girl/girl it would definitely be one with Jessica Bangkok because I vibe with her really well and every time I work with her is even hotter than the last. We have a really similar energy. I actually just did a scene with her for my site that is really hot. My site is launching on February 1st so you can see it by the time this article comes out. I usually like stuff that is really different. Not just like your basic scene. I have one up on that is pretty hot. It is my first bondage scene. I work a lot with Evil Angel. And I have a movie coming out with Jules called InvAsian 4 Asa Akira Spectacular or something like that. It’s all me. I have my first interracial scenes.
411: With whom?
Asa: There are two. The first one is with Lexington Steele. The second one is with Mr. Marcus and Sean Michaels.
411: Together?
Asa: Yes, it’s super animalistic.
411: It’s not a DP is it?
Asa: No, I’m not doing anal.
411: Thank God…
Asa: I also did a blow bang in it. It will be coming out this month also, around the time this article is coming out.
411: So tell me about your scene with Lex.
Asa: Oh my God, it was so hot. When I saw his cock, I was like oh my God that is the biggest thing I have ever seen in my life, toys included. I wanted to like, pick it up and swing it over my shoulder. But he is one of those guys that knows how to use it. I was very scared at first, thinking what did I sign up for. But it ended up being a really good scene. I really enjoyed myself.
411: And it didn’t come out your mouth when he was fucking you?
Asa: (Laughs) You would think it would.
411: Besides being so hot, he’s so nice.
Asa: He is. He is one of those guys that is born to make love. He is so suave and smooth. He oozes sex to me.
411: And he is a gentleman.
Asa: He is totally. All three of them were wonderful.
411: Can you imagine having sex with one of those huge cocks everyday?
Asa: No, I can’t imagine that, on top of doing porn. That’s too much.
411: But the one you have hanging around is a good size.
Asa: It is, it’s perfect. But I have been working so much I am constantly sore.
411: So are you saying your boyfriend gets no sex?
Asa: No, he gets a lot of it. He works way more than I do. He does like two scenes a day. So he’ll say, I gotta save this load, then he’ll say fuck it I gotta cum. Yesterday we were both on set for Wicked, but we weren’t doing a scene together. I had my scene in the morning and he had his two scenes later than me. And we’re talking and (director) Jonathon Morgan comes up to me and says you better not steal my load, that’s my load! (laughs)
411: Who did Rocco do his scene with?
Asa: Kagney (Linn Karter), who is totally hot and I wanted to stick around and watch but I didn’t want to be that creepy person.
411: How do you feel about that? I guess it doesn’t bother you to watch him have sex with other people.
Asa: To me it is a turn on. I will watch his scenes online. If he has a new one out, I am watching it.
411: What about him watching your scenes?
Asa: I don’t think he is as into it as I am.
411: So you have no jealousy at all?
Asa: I have jealousy when it comes to certain things, like if he were to go to lunch with someone after shooting a scene with them. I’d be jealous of that.
411: So he can fuck ‘em, he just can’t buy them lunch.
Asa: Right, it’s totally different. Or if he were to cream pie a girl I would feel a little weird about it. There are certain things.
411: Everyone has there own little rules. Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
Asa: Yes. I’d like to have a twin brother and fuck him. In my defense I am an only child so I don’t understand the concept of siblings.
411: That would be kind of like fucking yourself but you would have a cock.
Asa: Yeah, and it would be so wrong.
411: I think you like the wrongness of it more than anything.
Asa: Oh totally. I would even settle for a cousin, but I don’t have male cousins.
411: That’s too bad, because cousins are legal.
Asa: Right! We could even get married in certain states.
411: You obviously like things that are nasty and naughty and bad.
Asa: Yeah, kind of.
411: What’s the worst thing you have ever done? Think of the word worst in quotes.
Asa: Well I did a lot of things when I was a dominatrix. I made one guy suck another guy’s dick that was pretty bad.
411: And what do you do if you get all turned on making them do that, go home and jerk off or fuck somebody? Cause you don’t fuck the guys you are domming right?
Asa: No, you totally can’t fuck them or it’s over. They’ll never want to see you again.
411: That’s so strange to me.
Asa: Yeah, it’s crazy. But once you give them sex, it’s over so you don’t do that. You are really not allowed to. It’s an enforced rule at the dungeon. To me that whole thing was more a power trip then a sexual thing.
411: But the power can be a turn on.
Asa: It is. That was a day I really remember.
411: Would you do anal off camera?
Asa: Yeah, but I feel like I should save something, ya know? For now I’d like to keep anal personal.
411: That’s understandable. What do you think about when you masturbate?
Asa: I pretty much never think about porn sex when I masturbate. I think about real life sex. Usually it’s the last time I had sex.
411: Do you ever watch your own movies and have sex?
Asa: I’ve never done that. But I do watch all my scenes.
411: Do you get turned on watching your scenes?
Asa: Oh definitely. When I am doing a scene I like to imagine someone watching it.
411: You have that voyeur thing going on. So probably what turns you on about watching your scene is thinking about all the other people watching your scene. The thought of thousands of guys watching your scene and jerking off to it turns you on.
Asa: Oh my God. My favorite thing is if someone writes me on twitter and says I just jerked of watching one of your scenes. I love that. That is really hot to me.
411: Well next time I watch one of your scenes…
Asa: Let me know!
411: I like that you are on Twitter a lot. It makes it easy to get a hold of you.
Asa: I am pretty much obsessed with it. I am on it constantly. The only time I am not on twitter is when I am driving because I am not a good enough driver to even go there.
411: Well you probably didn’t even drive in New York.
Asa: No I didn’t. I just learned how. I never understood why people get road rage, and now I totally get it.
411: Will you always have relationships with guys, and have girls on the side?
Asa: Pretty much. Sex wise it is different everyday. Sometimes I feel like having sex with  a girl. But I think relationship-wise, it is guys for me.
411: What is the craziest place you ever had sex?
Asa: I grew up in New York and my dad was always home, so I had to get pretty creative. I had a lot of elevator sex.
411: Didn’t they have cameras in elevators?
Asa: Not in my building.
411: Doesn’t that have to be pretty quick sex than, if you are in an elevator?
Asa: Yeah, but we would stop the elevator.
411: You are a fun girl, and adorable and down to earth also. So I hope you and Rocco get married and have babies.
Asa: I hope so too!
411: So lets talk about your really brand new website. Your Webmaster, Kory, at, was a doll to deal with. What can we see on
Asa: It’s pretty much all the scenes that I want to do. It will be the sex that I like to have. High energy. I am going to do the whole webchat thing. I will have home movies and stuff.
411: So we can watch you and Rocco have sex?
Asa: Yes.
411: I want my free trial membership so I can write a review about you and Rocco having sex. Then I will masturbate about it, and than…
Asa: You can write to me on twitter and tell me about it! Oh and the movie that I met Rocco in is coming out. It is for Wicked and called Mad Love.
411: I’ll definitely wanna watch that. Do you have a message for your fans?
Asa: Thank you for watching me fuck! And please come and see my new website

YOu can read the whole story and see the naked pictures here-


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