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Asa Akira Is Pregnant! Baby IS NOT TRPWL’s

Asa announced via Instagram that she was with child

After her announcement, rumors began to circulate that I, TRPWL, was the babies father. This was based on me being an award winning blogger and Miami Vice fan

Ive decided to set the record straight to avoid my picture on TMZ. Im not the baby daddy. While we all know Asa probably thinks about me when she’s having sex, Ive never actually had sex with her.

I know what you’re thinking, No, I won’t take money for sex, not from Asa, or anyone else for that matter. Well maybe Bobbi Starr, but her bush would have to be 2010 Bobbi. None of this landing strip shit.

And if Asa thinks I’m going on Maury she’s got another thing coming

If the baby pops out with a secret bag of gold around it’s neck, then I’ll know who the daddy is

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