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Asa Akira & Rocco Reed & Billy Joel (got ya wonderin’ huh?)

I interviewed the adorable Asa ( pronounced A-sah) Akira yesterday. We talked about her childhood in New York & Japan. Her trouble making teens, and the fact that now that she does porn, she is a “good girl”, as in no drinking, no smoking, no drugs. She told me lots of sexy stuff too, which I will share with you when I get the interview for Xcitement done.

But one thing that just happened to come up in our interview, was when I said that her boyfriend, Rocco Reed, looks like Billy Joel did 20+ years ago. And it was funny because I don’t know if Asa knew who Billy Joel is, and if she does she certainly doesn’t know what he looked like 20 years ago, lol. (Sometimes I think I am aging out of my job, ugh)

Anyway, for Asa, and anyone else that thinks I am crazy, here’s a look…

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