Asa Akira taking us behind the scenes at Avn 2018

Have you ever wondered how pornstars party? Well, each year, the City Of Sin aka Las Vegas plays host to the Adult Video News Awards which are fondly referred to as the ‘Oscars of porn.’ All roads lead to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where pornstars get to interact with fans as they crash-diet to fit into red carpet gear. It is one of the craziest times of the year and Asa Akira, the Japanese-American pornstar, will take us on a journey culminating the awards themselves.

The adult entertainment expo- tuesday, jan 23

So, there usually is a fan convention known as the Adult Entertainment Expo where porn companies rent booths for pornstars to interact with fans and sign autographs. This year, Asa Akira will be signing for PornHub, and the first thing she does when she arrives in Las Vegas is to check out the PornHub booth, where she will be pleased to see a huge poster of herself, though she wishes there were more.

She then retires to a bed to relax and get fucked by some random guy called Sean.

Wednesday, jan 24 (day 1)

This is the first day of the convention. Here pornstars spend their day mixing with fans and signing autographs. Akira is the official PornHub brand ambassador and spends two hours per day interacting with fans. Later in the day, she gets to meet with Stormy Daniels, the pornstar who claimed to have had sex with the president Donald Trump. Akira claims she is the most famous person she has had sex with. They talk about the famous people in their phonebooks and as they record their podcast, Sean, the guy Akira spends the night with, has won money playing roulette and Akira strips to be photographed with the money.

Thursday, jan 25 (day 2)

Akira wakes up with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). This could either be the result of too much sex or roll naked on dirty money. She hurriedly goes to Urgent Care, attempts to bribe a nurse with $100 so she puts her ahead of the line (on account of the obvious pain), but she is horribly and loudly rejected. She finally gets her medication and refuses an idea by Sean to eat bread. Apparently, she can’t picture herself attempting to ingest carbs just two days before squeezing herself in her awards show dress. She heads straight to day two of the convention where she has to sign autographs on an empty stomach.

On the same day, she meets up with a girl bearing a tattoo of her face and her spirits are lifted.

Friday, Jan 26 (day 3)

Akira wakes up feeling fresh. However, her fuck mate, Sean, is feeling differently. Could be he had drunk too much. It takes some convincing for him to try out a machine that helps flush out the hangover. She also gets to learn some Spanish from a fellow pornstar Luna Star who teaches her that ‘papaya’ means ‘vagina.’

Her day progresses in the convention as she shoots videos for PornHub and doing floor interviews with her favorite people in the porn industry.

At 9:00 p.m. sharp, the rehearsals for the award show commence. Akira is supposed to present the Best Actor and Best Oral Sex Scene awards but her co-presenter is late, and she has to rehearse with another friend, Ela Lovia. Rehearsing involves being given a script where they get to rehearse their lines on stage before being released. She can’t wait for 28 hours to pass before she can get to eat a pizza.

Saturday, jan 27 (Final day of the convention and day of the Avn awards show)

With her UTI condition out of the way, Akira decides she won’t have any vaginal sex. Instead, she will have Sean jerk off and cum on her face. She, however, wasn’t expecting him to finish on her eye and she has to rush to the bathroom to wash off her face fearing she will turn up on the red carpet with a swollen pink eye.

Because she is the PornHub brand ambassador, she gets to take over their Snapchat account. On this day, she wears the best dress she’s ever worn, but standing for 3 hours doing red carpet interviews hurts her feet, and she vows never to agree to that again.  It’s now 4 hours before she can finally eat pizza.

The awards show

Akira gets to sit next to Stormy Daniels and Keiran. She is also lucky to win the Mainstream Star of the Year, with Performer of the Year going to Angela White, just like she had predicted. She also gets to present the awards. One hour later, she is devouring her pizza.

The party doesn’t stop there. Two porn performers Liam Riley and Dana DeArmond join her for a slumber party at 2:00 a.m. and she can’t even go out to collect her trophy.

Sunday, jan 28

With the AVN awards over, Akira has a chance to shoot one more video before she goes back to Los Angeles. She records herself and her friend Joanna Angel celebrating the day of the awards. She admits this is her favorite part. They then head back to Los Angeles ‘in a food coma.’


Thanks to Asa Akira, we now know how pornstars roll on the party. Sounds like loads of fun, doesn’t it? Unlike other red carpet events, the AVN awards are open to the public, and I’m seriously considering attending the 2019 event. It looks like we’ve all been

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