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Asa Akira Talks New Book Deal

AsaAkira Talks New Book Deal

It looks like Asa Akira finally found her newest hobby. The AVN award winning porn star is coming out with her second book which much to our dismay is still untitled. It’s said to be a collection of essays and she’ll be publishing with the ultimate sexual publisher, Cleis Press.

Asa Akira gives us details of what we’ll find in her new book, “It’s gonna be a similar format to the first book. It’s a collection of essays, true stories from my life, not in any chronological order. Just funny little stories—things that I’ve found to be profound… I don’t have a title yet—I do know we’re aiming for a spring 2016 release, which is exactly two years after the first book.”

The book is set to come out in spring of 2016 so it will be exactly two years following the release of her first book. If you haven’t read her first book, Insatiable: Porn—A Love Story be sure to read the first set of stories that she has shared.

Asa Akira crushes the porn star airhead stereotype by working hard on her book. She says that every morning she wakes up and forces herself to write for two hours even if the outcome is shitty. A habit she may have picked up from her parents encouraging her to journal when she was young.

Keeping a journal has also helped her to remember stories and details which compile the short stories and essays in her books. Her target audience are females and she’s working as a feminist to make women with high sex drives feel comfortable in a world where they are mostly ridiculed for it.

Want to see more of Asa Akira? You can always check out her porn star page here at or read our articles from when she teamed up with The Hundreds to find a hobby. She tries everything from taxidermy to ice carving and looks sexy doing it all.

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