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Ashley Licks Underage?

Ashley Licks, who performed in a few dozen black-themed titles in 2006, is sending around e-mails to several online retail sites containing the following:

I was under 18 at the time and used fake id which i am in a legal case suing right now. Please remove me from this site asap.

Everyone seems to think the underage claim is a bluff, and she just wants to cover up her porn past. No one has removed her from their sites as of yet.

An anonymous source writes:

I work in 2257 compliance for a major adult company and have an Ashley Licks ID on file. It is a New York state ID, name is [name removed ].  It looks to be a legitimate ID and I would send you a copy but naturally I have concerns about doing so, particularly since I am new to your site and not that familiar with it. I think your assertion that she is trying to cover up her porn past sounds more likely.


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