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Ashlynn Brooke’s new guy..

from Ashlynn’s blog

Rocco Reed


…Outside of work, some of you may or may not know, my life has changed a little bit. I haven’t talked much about it, but I’ve gotten many a message asking about it, and I thought I’d respond to everyone at once. I hope you all don’t mind. Tommy (Gunn) and I split up quite sometime ago. It wasn’t a nasty split. After all, we’re all adults here. Our lives were just taking two totally different paths. And that’s okay. I hope nothing but the best for him! He deserves it, he works hard and is a very ambitious man!

After the split, I got a condo in Oklahoma to chill out and get away for a while. Not to be confused with moving away from LA and leaving the business. I just needed to clear my head.. and what better place to do that than home? After splitting my time between Oklahoma and LA for a few months,

I met someone amazing (Rocco Reed). He and I got more and more serious and my career and shooting began to rise, so I moved back to LA to settle down…. and that’s why I’ve been so busy lately. Now, typically, I don’t share every detail of my life with the public, and you all are very good at understanding why. But you’ve just been so good to me, I figured I owed you a little bit more. …


(NL- Ashlynn- you have GREAT taste in men!)

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