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Ashynn Brooke & Tommy Gunn still together

Excerpts from Ashlynn’s Blog

Ashlynn writes-

 I’m so thrilled to be on the cover and have a spread in the August 2008 Penthouse Magazine. Such an honor. And total surprise. No one even told me I was going to be on… and BAM! I think the coolest part about it was the fact that they named me the Sooner Siren. And it’s my birthday month! Everything about it is so wonderful!

New Sensation’s Addicted 4
  (link has nudity) is outstanding. The cast is INSANE, and my scenes are so elegant and intense. It was my first time working with Jenna Haze. We are both such sexual people, that it just made for such a sexy scene. I can’t wait to work with her again. Her tight little cookie tasted so good… and her skin and tongue felt so good against me. She’s so yummy! I also had a scene with Tommy Gunn. Our chemistry is so obvious. It just works.. and it’s so delicious every time!! I highly suggest you see this movie… Sasha and Teagan looked STUNNING, and Nikki put on a smokin scene!!

ITS MY BIRTHDAY! Thursday, August 14, 2008 I will officially be one year older! And it keeps getting better with age. Sex gets better, life in general just seems to keep getting better! I feel very blessed and fortunate that my years have brought me such happiness and wisdom. And I’m totally confident that it will continue to get better. I’ll be in Washington Park, IL dancing for Hustler. This will basically be like my tour kickoff… and I’m kind of excited that it’s going to take place on my birthday! I’ll have a lot of people to celebrate with!!

 I have moved back to Oklahoma, yes. It’s not to live with my grandparents. And Tommy and I are still fine. I just wanted to get a place here, and start spending a little bit more time at home. So I’ll be here part time and LA part time… and travel back and forth.

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