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Asia Carrera Is 34

She blogs:

I keep trying to set up a memorial for Don at Mile Marker 80, where he died on the I-15N coming home from Vegas, AND PEOPLE KEEP STEALING THE STUFF!!! How low can you go?!? I have a friend who actually lives near there, in the middle of “No Man’s Land” way out in the desert, and he keeps trying to set stuff up to help me out. But no sooner does he set up a marker, flowers, a wreath, whatever, then people steal it. Obviously they must be “fans”, or they wouldn’t be stealing the stuff, because there are plenty of other memorials along the same highway that have been there for years; long before Don died. But what kind of “fan” would want to hurt me like this?!? If you are fan, then LEAVE something there! Some ugly flowers, a tacky wreath, Xmas decorations, whatever! I just want to make a fun memorial with some tacky items to make people smile as they drive by, so the place where my husband died can be remembered with a smile. Is that so much to ask?!?! I guess it is, because when my firends left Devin’s first birthday party to drive back to Vegas, they let me know that someone STOLE THE WHOLE MILE MARKER SIGN!!! I have no words. None.

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