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Asia Carrera is Looking for John Decker…


Hi Cindi,

It’s Asia Carrera.  i’m just emailing on the off chance that anybody there knows anyone with a contact to John Decker.

For some reason i’ve had a bad feeling about him lately, like he’s in a bad way and needs help.

I’m far from being superstitious like that normally, but after 10 years and 300+ movies, he was the one i felt the closest emotional bond with, and if there’s any way a contact email or number could be passed along to me, so i could check in with him, i would be much obliged.

(you have my email address to fwd any contact info)



NL- If you have John’s contact info, or if you ARE John, please e-mail me- [email protected] and I will forward it to Asia. TY. Also if you want to learn more about asia, check out her site, it’s free and has a ton of interesting content

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