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Asia Carrera Says She’s Beating The Odds

She writes on

If I ever write my autobiography (don’t hold your breath) I should call it “Beating the Odds”. Because that’s what I’ve been doing all my life! Ok, first of all, I was born a half-breed. Not so odd, but when that makes you the only minority in your school, yeah that kinda sucks, trust me. Then I wound up winning more accolades and academic honors than anyone in my school, including National Merit Scholar (reserved for the top 1/2 of 1% of SAT scores in America). Again, not so strange, everyone has some geeks in their school. But how many of them were teenage runaways who were living on their own at 17 and still making honor roll while hitching rides to school from two towns away every day? Then I decided to pack up a suitcase and move to L.A. from all the way across the country, just me and a big white teddy bear. Girls all over America do this every day with stars in their eyes – but how many of them actually become famous? (How infamous am I? Well my website is currently ranked 58,000 out of 11,000,000 sites on the net by, putting me in the top 0.5% of all trafficked sites on the web. And I’ve been retired for three years now.) Ok, now how many pornstars can you name that not only lasted over 10 years in pornoland, but retired sane, happy, and looking better than when they started? (here’s a photo from my first-ever photo shoot in 1994 and one from my last-ever photo shoot in 2004) Moving on to more recent times, how many mommas do you know who lost their husband while they were pregnant with his child. Ugh, I hope you don’t know any, but my condolences if you do! :o( And finally, how many women do you know who delivered their baby at home, ALL BY THEMSELF?? (and WHY did I not get the front page of for this, when there are always stories of mothers giving birth with their hubby driving the car, or the policeman helping, and I did it ALL ALONE! Bleah!) Ok, while I do think I have a pretty neat resume, I have to say I am DONE beating the odds. The only odds I want to beat now are raising the two smartest and most beautiful children that a single mom ever raised. Check back in 17 years or so, and see if I don’t! My motto has always been “I can do anything if I just work hard enough”! And if you can’t tell by this post, yeah, I’ve got my game on again. I’m feeling good, I’m feeling strong. Watch out world!

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