Ask a Pornstar – Weirdest Scene?

Ask A Pornstar - Weirdest Scene?

As with anyone’s job, Pornstars occasionally encounter a situation or scene that even surprises them! There are a wide arrange of crazy fetishes out there and as Pornstars gain more and more on-the-job experience, they have more interesting stories to share.

Clown makeup, poorly-thought-out roleplaying, balloons, strange BDSM fetishes and bad writing can all be common place in the world of porn. Talk about “plot holes”! As porn lovers we notice these things but what to the stars performing in the scenes really think? Enjoy the following video called Ask A Pornstar, Weirdest Scene:

This funny and revealing video from Wood Rocket features stories from Anikka Albrite, Allie Haze, Monica Rise, April O’Neil, Aubrey Snow, Clair Robbins, Rain DeGray, Mickey Mod and more.

So what were some of the common weird themes?  Well as you can imagine, the word “Japanese” came up quite a bit. Crazy roleplaying or bad script ideas were among the other aspects that resulted in memorable moments. In some cases, trying something new and unique on the job introduced these stars to fetishes they later had grown to love. When you work in porn, there’s no such thing as a boring day!

You can find all manner of videos in the Porn.com Video Channels.  Sit back, take some time and make some of your own memories!

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