Industry News Pays a Visit to ‘The FEARLESS Man Live’ Weekend Masculinity Seminar

FEARLESS, a powerful personal development program for men, is the subject of a new article, ‘The Fearless Man Seminar is More Than Just Learning How to Pick Up Women’.

Writer Zachary Zane recently spent a weekend with FEARLESS coach Brian Begin who has, along with Executive Director Dave Stultz, created a specialized series of workshops to effectively help men with masculinity, confidence and personal/professional success, and spills the inspiring details for readers interested in their own self-improvement.

“I expected Brian Begin…to be a sleazy pickup artist who teaches awkward, horny men to pounce on the insecurities of women,” writes Zane, as he admits he walked into the seminar with some trepidation. “As it turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Diving into everything the seminar covered would be impossible (unless you were prepared to read a 40,000 word thesis), but there were a few things in particular that seemed to resonate most with the men in attendance — myself included.”

Begin broke down the realities of ‘nice guys’, disingenuous people pleasers and those with a “high level of emotional sensitivity, capacity for empathy and understanding of others… they aren’t things we should try to rid ourselves of completely, and instead, should be balanced with more traditionally masculine qualities like courage, assertiveness and groundedness,” said Zane.

“Essentially, these men would have to learn how to embrace more naturally masculine components of their identity. That would teach how to properly understand tension, something Begin explained is synonymous with responsibility, pressure and conflict. Tension… is the catalyst to change and growth. It also goes against middle class values, which encourages us to seek lives with stability and comfort.”

He added that “the tool I found most insightful in regards to embracing tension was the notion of grounding, which encourages you to feel your lower body, legs and stomach. It’s all about evaluating how your body impacts your emotions… “Begin shows these men how to stay grounded, maintain eye contact and not shy away from intimate moments.

“Fearless Man was not about picking up girls at all. While that might be what brought some of the men into the seminar, they left with knowledge that surpassed the basic of “how to meet a woman. Instead, these guys went home with actionable items — specific things they could do to grow into the confident and fearless men they so desperately wished to become.”

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