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At noon Sophia says-Please, please, please leave me the fuck alone!

At about noon on Tuesday Sophia writes me- Anyway the point is I never said, Im the one who wrote your story’s, I do site your site and your pictures. And anyone not just me can do that. So what is your fucking problem?

I do not know this person Wayne. My phone was stolen that was the only way I could write anyone. Because I don’t own a computer. Stop your harassment! I do not have an Internet connection at my house. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please leave me the fuck alone!


I write her back-

Maybe we should do an e-mail interview to clear the air, and then we can be friendly, or at least not enemies. And we can both ask questions and then post all the answers on our sites, and then we will pledge to drop saying anything mean about each other. What do you think?


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