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ATT/ T-Mobile Deal…

Is Dead!


This is huge: AT&T just announced it’s finally abandoning its doomed merger with T-Mobile.

For nearly a year, we’ve been showing that this deal would have only meant higher prices, fewer choices and tens of thousands of lost American jobs. Free Press knew it; the Department of Justice agreed; so did the FCC.

Now even AT&T, its high-priced lobbyists and its fake grassroots front groups all must admit this deal is dead.

When AT&T first announced its bid to take over T-Mobile, pro-corporate cheerleaders told us this behemoth deal couldn’t be stopped. Many other groups and even members of Congress knew how bad the merger was but were afraid to say so. But we knew the truth and wouldn’t relent.

The result is the best holiday gift we could have asked for: the end of this disastrous deal.



AT&T has ended its $39 billion bid to acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom amid antitrust concerns.

AT&T had been scrambling for weeks to save the proposed deal, which would have made it by far the most dominant U.S. wireless carrier.

AT&T pulled its Federal Communications Commission application last month after the regulator came out in opposition to the merger and prepared to call for a potentially nasty public hearing.


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