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Attention ladies – we have another creeper alert! Avoid Tim Walton!

There always seems to be some sort of douche bag out there that wants to try and take advantage of unsuspecting girls in our industry and today’s douche bag is no different.

The man in question is Tim Walton. He’s from Buffalo, NY and on twitter is known as @realtimwalton. Although he has no actual industry connections, he claims to be a “manager” and a club promoter and who knows what else.

What I can say for sure is this is not a guy you want to get involved with. What he does is trick girls into filming scenes, claiming they are for resale or for a website but of course they aren’t because he never bothers with any paperwork like model releases or valid 2257 documentation.

When he’s not tricking one girl, he uses her twitter account, which of course he manages to contact other girls. So it appears that other models are talking to you, but in reality it’s him using other girls twitter accounts.

He also sets up an Amazon account for them, creating a wish list of which he manages. Big shock there, huh?

Let me be clear here … Tim Walton is not a real agent, or manager. He has no real industry contacts. The only thing he is getting girls to do is have sex with him for free because they think he’s in the industry. Obviously he’s not.

The douche bag even tries to trick girls into thinking his twitter account is verified (which it’s not) by modifying his avatar.

Tim Walton

If you really want to be in the adult industry, great. But teaming up with a nobody like this guy isn’t going to help you do anything but get taken advantage of. Get a real agent and avoid ass holes like this guy.


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