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Audrey Bitoni Escorting?

This, if true, is shocking news.

Call me naive, but I’ve always preferred to regard porn stars as actresses rather than as hookers.

Moxie writes:

Why on earth would it be a shock that Audrey Bittoni is escorting?  Her rate is $1,800 per HOUR with Bella Models, as opposed to $1,000-$1,500 per DAY in Gonzo porn (per the recent AVN cover story on compensation). I have no doubt that Bella is requiring multiple hour appoinments.  So, if she is seeing only two customers a day for 4 hours, thats $7,200 minus the agency cut. If she is seeing more than that even better.
 It will no doubt be a condom only experience. It will be with a 40-60 year old businessman instead of two or three ex cons for a gonzo gang rape as she has to dress in pigtails and call her violators “Daddy”.  As for safety, a top hotel I’m sure, so smile for the cameras as you enter the building in case you want to try something out of line.
Bottom line, more money, less work, better conditions. Nothing shocking at all. With a slowdown rumored, it will be shocking if any porn girls aren’t secretly escorting this summer.

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