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Audrey Bitoni, where for ART thou?


I got the most amazing photo-set of Audrey Bitoni. She looks sexy and the photos are in true color and artsy all at the same time. Those three things never happen together. Must be an extremely talented Photog. I know for sure she should be on a cover for a mag I write for, trouble is, Audrey has gone under the radar. Can you imagine if someone wanted to put you on the cover of a mag and you would rather go off the grid? Damn, if you wanted to put me on the cover of Cotton swab magazine I would be there for you, forget about one that would get me major exposure and give me copies to take with me to Vegas and sign…. BUT all I have of Audrey is beautiful pics, and someone who isn’t getting in touch with me.This is a girl I WOULD LIKE IN MY IMMEDIATE FUTURE!  You would think since she was up for AVN awards that she would get as much publicity as possble to raise her scene rate and get her a substantial feature dancing gig. But does it really  matter to her? Since I have gotten no response in months, I guess not,  but then what the hell do I know?

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