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Audrey Hollander Wants you to Jingle her Bells

And now for some really important and totally self serving news ?

Porn Star Audrey Hollander teams up with adult industry veteran Kelli Roberts to make her erotic fiction debut with the release of “Jingle My Bells“, an erotically naughty Christmas novella.

Jingle My Bells - Kelli Roberts and Audrey Hollander

Jingle My Bells

Five years after the death of his wife, Cris nursed his pain and a beer, waiting for another holiday without her to be over. Then the evocative scent of a woman broke through his shield and changed this from a night to get through to a hot night he’ll never forget. Will Santa give them just one night of passion, or can a lonely guy and a porn star find the gift of something more?

The book is available exclusively at Amazon and you can view the trailer for the book at

I’ve wanted to try my hand at writing for a long time, so when my friend Kelli Roberts offered to team up and make my dream a reality, how could I say no?” explains Audrey Hollander. “We decided to start small picked a themed book. I’ve always loved a good Christmas love story so we started with that. Even though it’s not a big book, more a novella than an actual novel, it still took us awhile to get it all together. It’s been a true labor of love and I’m so excited to finally release it to the world.

  • LIB: Is there a reason you chose a Christmas theme specifically over any other holiday?
  • AUDREY: Well originally we started out thinking we were going to do either Halloween or Christmas, as those are my favorite holidays and Kelli’s as well. As we started to piece together ideas for the story, it just worked out better for it to be a Christmas story over Halloween. But we still have all of our notes for a great sexy Halloween story about a really naughty and down right kinky witch, so who knows, maybe next year we’ll release that one.
  • LIB: What made you decide to release a book?
  • AUDREY: For about a year I’ve been talking about doing it and finally Kelli said, enough with the talk, let’s just sit down and do it and we did.
  • LIB: What made you decide to team up with Kelli Roberts over say someone else for your first book?
  • AUDREY: Because silly, we’ve been friends for years. When I’m not in California shooting, I’m always with her in Houston. We are like sisters. I thought everyone knew that. (edit: <3 Love you too)
  • LIB: Why did you opt to make it an Amazon exclusive?
  • AUDREY: We talked about that for awhile but in the end the decision was really just money based. Amazon has the market share and the plain truth is, unless you are going with a traditional publisher, almost all of your sales will be through Amazon or one of their various companies so why not enjoy the financial benefits of going Amazon exclusive? It’s the difference between them paying you 35% for your book or 70%. So of course we chose 70%.
  • LIB: Why eBook only? Why not offer a printed version as well?
  • AUDREY: Talked about it but this is a novella which means it’s much smaller than a normal book so it is far more suitable for the digital format. While we could have offered printed versions, all of our research shows that anything under 15,000 words or so really is best for the eBook genre. Plus it lets us offer it to my fans for like $1.07. You can’t offer a printed book at that price.
  • LIB: Will you offer the book elsewhere in the future for those who don’t have a Kindle?
  • AUDREY: You don’t have to have a little Kindle to buy our book. You can get the free Kindle reading app on any smartphone, your iPad, Android tablet, and even for a mac or pc, so you could read it on your laptop.
  • LIB: Do you have any other books in mind?
  • AUDREY: I do. I have been working on a cookbook for awhile now about sexy southern cooking. I’ve also been doing a lot of work for Kink lately and thought about maybe sometime next year doing some directing for them. Kelli and I also wrote a script for a feature film that I kind of would like to both direct and star in. I don’t want to reveal to much since I’m in talks with others about it now but it’s also something we were originally going to turn into a full length romance novel. Still may do that. I don’t know. I don’t like to plan to far ahead. So for now let’s just say yes I have lots and lots of plans for the future for so many different things but for now I’m just relaxing and enjoying life, trying not to stress to much about what tomorrow may bring. Life is far to short for that.


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