Tera Says She is Out:

Hey Mike my girlfriend and yours went on a local

A Whole NEW Level of Dumb:

Jesse Jane, Digital Playground’s new contract cutie hand picked Julian

An Interview with Debbie Leigh

Tell me a little bit about yourself? Well, where to


Word is that Odyessy Group Video is now out of

Well Ya knew Mason is out at Elegant Angel, but who is gonna replace her:

Tom Zupko that’s who. Word is he will be Elegant

The Tera Show now called DPTonight:

Tonights show has Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk. I have

Some Random bits:

The City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama has passed a law making

Jill Kelly injury from a jealous rampage?:

Word coming from topprotalent is saying that Jill knew where

Everyone is reporting that Julie Meadows and Chloe are gone from VCA:

But my source says no, Chloe is still there. Though

Jason Sechrest Sends This:

Jason Sechrest Sends This: Jason Sechrest, publicist for Jill Kelly

Tim Case checks in:

TimCase interviews “Richard Gere” in New Mexico (A MikeSouth.com Exclusive)

Serenity Assualted, Scoop from Beater:

coop from the awards – some chick from the audience

Kendra Jade Pregnant?

This is unverified but its going around like wildfire that

Yar, this BLOWS.

Okay, kids it’s GODDESS…again. I tried to update this thang

Dream a little dream of me

Ya know I thought South was fishing, but today when

There is a bizarre rumor going around that Jade Marcella may actually be two different people, that she may have a twin sister.

I would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge