Teagans First Interview Since signing With Digital Playground:

I understand that this is actually your first interview since

Stupidity No Longer Newsworthy?:

Stupidity No Longer Newsworthy?: I was talking to a friend

TVShooter Writes:

After reading that thread and what some of these folks

David Giarusso Denies Parts of the Story:

AVN reports that David, Dion’s brother, has denied that the

Just Damn…I Go On A Shoot and all Hell Breaks Loose in Porn Valley:

Dennis Hof takes on Steve Seideman on the KSEX Show

ADell called to Inform me that November was over..

I Think I have her head on a dancing Santa

BT Writes:

If what you just described is true — and I

LFP Buys Wicked…That Shit is a month old.

For all the crowing elsewhere I had the story that

From My Buddy Neal Boortz:

Chief Justice Roy Moore put that monument with the Ten

Goddess Interviews ….Me:

And in between the serious stuff I have to say

Everyone’s Favorite Bisexual PR Dude:

Jason Sechrest is leaving Jill Kelly Productions. His only comment

Dear Chasey Lain:

XXX: this ain’t gonna be big news to anyone who

Still More on the Alexa Rae Interview:

Richard Freeman Publisher of Batteries Not Included and Obviously Nautically

Feedback On The Alexa Interview and Bukkakes?

Robert Lombard of Digital G Writes: Robert Lombard, Director Of

Alexa Speaks Out: (Note To Luke Ford and others: You may reprint excerpts of this as long as you link back to me but you may NOT reprint the whole thing)

Ok Lets start at the begining. How did you find

Gee With Friends like this Who Needs Enemies:

Mitch Farber of Netbilling writes: In case any EU clients

Mary Cary to Quit Porn?:

Sex Toys Illegal in Alabama, Ignorance, obviously still very legal:

J.R. Wolfe Gone from Rocky Mountain Oyster:

Word I get is that the long time columnist for

Bob Weighs in on Extreme:

Mike: Just read your thoughts on the impact of the

Tera Says She is Out:

Hey Mike my girlfriend and yours went on a local