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Ava Addams- “But I really love DP’s though”

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Interview by C. Loftus

Photos Courtesy of LA Direct


I met this amazingly beautiful woman on Twitter of all places. I don’t know how she escaped my sight for so long! I think she was hiding on me. Everyone in the world knew her, but me! I’m so lucky that I finally found her and can share her with you. She’s smart and gorgeous and sexy and funny and down to earth. She is a lot of fun to talk to and loves her job.  This is definitely an interesting interview. We talk about everything; from shoes to geography to shopping at the dollar store, oh and we throw in some sexy stuff too!



Wow you are prompt! Thank you for calling me exactly on time.

You are welcome. I’m a responsible one.

I bet they love that about you at L.A. Direct Models.

I’ve been with them since 2008, so I’ve been with them a long time.

I was so glad I met you on twitter. How did I not know you? Everyone else knows you!

I’ve been around. I was even in Florida for three years. I was under contract to Bang Bros for a year.

So you know Xcitement. And you are going to be on the cover.

Yah! That’s awesome. I know it’s in all the strip clubs and stores around.

I heard you are French. Do you speak French?

I do. I am French and Italian.

Were you born in France?

No I was born in Gibraltar. Like the Rock of Gibraltar. My parents just happened to be there.

This is how geographically challenged I am. Gibraltar is in England?

It is a British Colony. It’s been in a few movies. It was predominant in a couple wars.

You know what is funny? You could advertise yourself as Gibraltar’s porn star. I am sure you are the only one.

I really could, instead of trying to fight the French title. People are always like, you’re not really French, you are a Texan.

How did you end up being a Texan?

I’ve lived in L.A. I’ve lived in New Orleans for a while. Where ever I live, I always come back to Texas.

So you speak French and live in Texas, those two things just don’t seem to go together.

There is actually a decent sized French community here because there is an international school.

So how sick are you of people coming up to you and saying “Voules vous coucher avec moi?”


For most guys over thirty, I would think that is the only French they know. (The phrase is used in several songs and means “Will you go to bed with me.”)

There is a lot, and many try to talk to me by using Google translate to put their words into French. They try. It’s cute.

You’re cute! And you have new hooters!

I do have new hooters. Brand new hooters.

And they are REALLY big!

That’s because everything is bigger in Texas! (Laughs) They were pretty big naturally. They were between a D and a double D before I got pregnant. Then they got huge when I was pregnant. After that they weren’t what I wanted, so I decided to get them done. I got 500 cc’s.

How do you like them?

I love them. They are awesome! My doctor did an amazing job.

He did. But do they give you a back ache?

No. I do yoga four or five times a week.

Speaking of Hooters, you used to work at Hooters!

I did.

Which one did you work at?

I worked at Sugerland which is right outside of Houston.

How long ago was that?

Going on ten years now. I am thirty-three now and I worked there when I was about twenty-three.

Think of how many guys ate wings and saw you there and thought, oh she is so hot. And now wish they had talked to you because they see you in the movies.

I have actually had people get ahold of me on Twitter that say they used to go to your Hooters.

So how did you get from Hooters to shooting porn?

Well I shot for Bang Bros under contract, but after that I wanted to leave amateur porn and shoot with stars like Manuel Ferrara.

Every girl says him first! He is everyone’s favorite! He must have something special.

Him and James Deen, those are my top two. But I have about ten guys that I adore.

Isn’t Manuel also French? And speaks French? And has a French accent?

He is French. We actually do a lot of our scenes in French. He taught me how to talk dirty in French, because growing up in the states it did now come naturally. So he taught me some of the filthiest stuff. We actually just shot a scene called “Mail Order Bride” and I think they are subtitling some of it.

(Laughs) And they wouldn’t have to be accurate as to what you really said, because not too many people would know anyway.

Manuel said to me, should we actually say what he wants us too, or should we make shit up? I said we should say what he wants us to. But Manuel told me that one time they told him to act mad and he was just listing off what he ate for breakfast. (in French)

So you live in Texas and have huge hooters, and speak French, what else should we know about you?

Well everyone already knows that I am a huge yogi.

I read about that. You were a yoga instructor in one of your porn shoots.

I’ve actually done two yoga scenes. I just did one where I was teaching Jenessa Jordan and Kendra # how to do their yoga poses.

Was it fun?

It was fun and I brought my Hitachi because doesn’t everyone bring their Hitachi to yoga class?

If they did then everybody would love their yoga class.

Apparently in New York there is a naked yoga class. I’m not too sold on that one.

Is it just girls or is it mixed?

I think it’s co-ed which is weird to me.

Yeah, imagine you were doing that forward dog and there was a guy right behind your naked ass?

And that is the one position that people tend to fart in.

(Laughs) Can you imagine?

(Laughs) That would be awkward.

I hear you are a big fan of the Dollar Store.

I am. (Laughs) I think it’s because I can go in there and buy any kind of crap I want to and it will only be thirty dollars and I don’t feel guilty.

And if you don’t like it you can just throw it away.

Yeah, I’m cheap. I get all my wrapping paper and present stuff there because I’m not going to spend five dollars for that.

Exactly. What I was thinking is that it would be funny to go into the Dollar Store and see what kinds of things you can find to use for sex.

Well they sell food, and they sell whipped cream.

And they sell plastic handcuffs and …

They sell pregnancy tests and douches there. They have condoms too. But I don’t know if I would trust them.

Condoms from the dollar store, well then you might need a pregnancy test from the dollar store too!

They have baby oil.

They have baby wipes, which I do buy for work. Sometimes they have a good brand of body lotion and I was really excited because they had Emergen-C for Three ninety-nine.

That’s the vitamin C stuff?

Yes, I am obsessed with that and b-12 shots because I travel so much.

How can they sell something for Three ninety-nine in the dollar store? Isn’t that illegal?

I know. That wasn’t even the dollar store it was the ninety-nine cent store. So that was just wrong. (Laughs)

I went to the dollar store with my husband. There are seven thousand signs that say everything is a dollar. He turns to the sales lady, and says if I get a couple of those helium balloons, how much are they? I just looked at the lady and said oh my god, how many times a day do people ask you that question and you just want to slap them? They should have a little recording that they press that says, Everything’s a dollar.

I took a friend there and she’s not a snob or anything, but she said is this store for poor people? I was like if I didn’t love you I would slap you right now.

That store is for smart people, that know how to shop!

Yeah, that’s what I said. I’m not poor and I shop here. If I go in the drug store, I go straight to the clearance aisle. I’d rather have money in my bank, than on my feet.

That is a great answer. How many pairs of Louboutins do you have?

I don’t have any. I had one and I ruined them. And after that I said I am never buying expensive shoes again. I just can’t justify spending eight hundred dollars on shoes. That’s like two car payments. I buy my shoes for about forty dollars a pair on Shoe Dazzle. They are perfect for work.

That is perfect, you don’t have to really walk in them very much if they are for work. (Laughs)

No. (Laughs)

As long as you don’t have to walk a long red carpet. If you are just wearing them to walk to the whatever and lay down.

Yeah, last year though ironically enough the night before AVN I wore my Shoe Dazzle shoes to the party and my feet were fine. To AVN I wore my Calvin Klein shoes and my feet were hurting by the time I was done with the read carpet. I was ready to just have a drink so my feet wouldn’t hurt.

Well you could just take your shoes off, nobody cares. Oh wait, you can’t because you are short.

I’m short and I had a long dress so I couldn’t.

When you are five foot three, you have to wear heels. So who is on your wish list for sex scenes?

My wish list is so funny there are a hundred girls on there. I’ve worked with a lot of the guys I liked. I’m always hitting up Brazzers on Twitter, I want to work with this one, make it happen! My fans want to see Melina Mason and I, so that would be hot.

I see that you get to work with a lot of really hot girls because I was on your tumblr and it’s a really good tumblr. It’s interesting. You have so many pictures of hot girls you have worked with. I saw one with you and Jesse Jane. Did you work with her?

I recently shot two movies with Jesse, but I didn’t get to work with her, which I am kind of sad about. Maybe I need to call the Digital (Playground) people and tell them that they don’t love me. (Laughs)

She’s a little spit fire.

She’s talking about doing a promotion in Austin, Texas and I’m like Yeah! Bring it! We would have so much fun.

She could bring her tequila, she has so many flavors.

Oh they are so good. Have you tried them?

No, not yet. I’ve just talked to her about them.

One night I got drunk last year, I was drinking her mango tequila. You can’t even taste the tequila.

So you got some award nominations this year. Which one are you most excited about?

The group sex scene is pretty bad ass. That was my first scene back after the baby. It was a pretty hardcore way to come back. I hadn’t worked in so long and I got thrown into that and it was amazing performers. So that was pretty cool.

It was Veronica Avluv, Francesca Le and you.

It was Keiran Lee’s first directing  for Brazzers, so that was cool.

How did you fall off the couch during that scene?

(Laughs) Francesca pushed me off the couch while she was munching on my box. I was up on the back of the couch  trying to look sexy and I just fell off.

Did they leave that in the movie?

I don’t think they did.

That’s the best part when stuff like that happens.

When I worked at Bang Bros they left all my embarrassing moments in.

That’s why they call it amateur. If they cut the fun stuff out, it’s professional. (Laughs) Are you still doing anal, because you are pretty famous for anal scenes.

Yes, but it’s really funny. I love it. But I really love D.P’s though. I want to do more of those.

We could name this interview, Ava Addams says More DP’s please.

People like them, and I like doing them, so it’s pretty cool. I’ll keep doing them.

You work for Digital Playground a lot, so you should do a DP for DP and that would be a good title for the movie.

Yeah. It’s funny because I was so scared to do them. I called Brigette B. and Brooklyn Lee, I was like okay girls I need your advice. So I picked the guys, Manuel and Kieran and people said I was crazy.

Two big dicks.

Yep, I said go hard or go home.

Good for you. Why do they keep describing you as mature? I guess because you make your phone calls on time and do your interview and show up when you are supposed to, you are allowed into R-Rated movies.

I am responsible, but then I show up on set and they book me for cougar stuff and they say you look too young to do this. I’m kind of in between, because I am thirty-three, so I can’t do the teen. I’m not twenty, but them I not much into my thirties. I’m not a cougar yet, I always thought of them as forty plus.

These days I don’t know, they all get mixed together. I mean you are officially a MILF because you had a baby and you’re hot. But I don’t see you as a cougar.

That’s a younger guy with an older woman, so I can do that pairing.

I heard you did a Kink shoot recently.

Yes it was my first time shooting with them and my first time shooting with three guys. I picked James Deen, Ramon and Danny Mountain. It was amazing. They were telling me you need to struggle and act like you’re not enjoying this. I was like, oh yeah, that’s right.

So you were tied up?

They had me taped up and I had a phone cord wrapped around me, because it was an office sexual harassment type of scene. When we got part way through, I’m like, can I enjoy it now?

(Laughs) So you liked it?

I did. It was fun. But that was another one I was scared of. I had an amazing experience, and I would love to do it again.

One of your fans wants to know if you are going to shoot interracial scenes.

I am planning on doing it soon for my website. I might shoot it during AVN if I have time.

Who is the guy?

I can’t tell you yet. But it is definitely going to happen.

If someone didn’t know you and they wanted to, what would you tell them to watch?

Well my website is my baby and I have a scene that I just put up on there that is really one of the most intense scenes I have ever shot. It was with James Deen and I and a camcorder at his house. It was totally us having fun and the first anal scene for my site.

What is the wildest place you ever had sex?

Hmmmm either a front yard, balcony in Sobe, hood of a car or in a cab…I’m going to let the readers decide ?

Do you have a message for your fans?

I love y’all and I read all your tweets and try to answer all but sometimes it’s impossible. Some of y’all have been around since my Playboy days, others are brand new, either way you guys are the best! And please tell me who and what you want to see on my site.

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