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Ava And Mia Rose Won’t Do Maury Povich

Mia wants to do the show but Ava refuses.

Mia posts on XPT:

So…. Ava changed her mind. And told the show no… Due to phone calls from some people I am going to leave un named….Now… All talk shows are gay… W.e we know that. someone told her that it was a career breaker… And now, I get fucked out of a lot of people seeing my site…. ! AH! Tyra Banks is a career breaker… Not to mention, the WHOLE fucking segment is on us! Not just 15 min of defending our selfs like Tyra. Ava, you might have a career, but I don’t. You know we are smarter than most porn whores who go on talk shows, what are you worried about? This will help me a lot as far as my site goes… Please, think about both of us here and not just yourself.

Moxie writes:

Let’s use Kira Kenner’s contract with Vivid as an example. According to Vivid’s attorney, Kira was paid 300k or less from 1999-2004. That’s 60k a year. Kira only averaged 10 films a year, so her per film rate was high but the volume was too low to sustain any serious income.

The flip side is that these girls sign away their rights in perpetuity (forever). Vivid will be selling Kira Kenner condoms when she is dead and she will see nothing.

How many films has Ava done with AE? 10? Imagine that she is making 5k a film? Now how much income is that? What these girls give up to get their contracts borders on unconscionable.

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