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AVA ROSE is NOT a contract girl


Good looking, sexy and able to act, Ava Rose is no longer under contract to Adam & Eve. She is the star of their recently released big budgeted Carolina Jones and The Broken Covenent. (Good movie, hot sex, decent plot ) Adam & Eve will be nominated for many awards for Carolina Jones.

Ava, being the star of the movie, would be the perfect person to promote it’s sales, don’t ya think? This is an odd time to let her go. Even if her contract were up for renewel, some kind of promotional deal should be made. I’ve never heard of Ava causing any problems. (Unlike her sister Mia, who has had her problems) And since Ava loves the adult biz, and is interested in another contract with a different company, it’s easy to surmise that Adam & Eve was the one who said NO to the contract renewal. WHY? Who did Ava piss off? Or was it a matter of funds? A&E just hired an independent PR firm, Plaid Bag Media, (although PBM is run by Peter Reynolds, who has been with A&E in sales and marketing for two years), when previously they always had their own IN house PR department. Is this another cost cutting measure? As DVD sales are down everywhere, A&E may be moving their money to another division. They have recently opened several shopper friendly brick and mortar adult stores.

I’m waiting to hear back from both sides right now. I’ll keep you posted.

pics courtesy of Adam & Eve

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