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AVA ROSE- Spearmint Rhino says she’s fat

From Ava Rose’s MySpace blog

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Current mood:  bummed

So I may have bad news for those of you awesome folks out there who were planning on going to the Oxnard Rhino to see me October 9-11th. Apparently the managers or higher whoever at the last club I danced at (Blue Zebra ) brought up to my dance agent that I needed to lose weight  …..long story short i’m suspended from any Rhino clubs until then.  

 Good news is I had one of my friends (Christina) there taking pictures of me on stage at the BZ  so i was able to send them to my dance agent and if he disagrees with what was said then i’m no longer suspended. I’ll find out further info on sunday.

 Please spare any pity messages i’m not blogging  this cause i’m fishing for compliments just wanted to let you guys know.
 I love you all & thank you

 Flava Ave

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