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AVA ROSE’s first chat about leaving Adam & Eve

How do you feel about leaving Adam & Eve?

AVA-I was very sad at first despite it being a mutual decision so I can further my career out of Adam & Eve and make the most out of this last year I plan on being in the biz it was still hard to part ways. They have been my “family” since the beginning. I’ll miss working on set with the rad directors and Bree Olson—my fav.

What were the best and worst things about being their contract girl?

AVA-They are such a great company and I was genuinely happy with everything about being with them. I had to work my name up since I got a contract with them so early in my career so that was the only “bad” so to speak thing.

What plans do you have for the future?

AVA-I plan on doing porn for another year …….really. I just want to go to school for a passion of mine Criminal Psychology and later down the road open a coffee shop. We’ll see I plan on also doing feature dancing

What adult star would you most like to do a scene with that you haven’t yet?

AVA-Ummm i’m so behind on whose out there these days.

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