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Avida enters the Sexy Letter contest- part 1

NL-This is a letter to and from people you know that are in or around the adult industry. Their identity will remain a secret. Avida is a pseudonym

Avida wrote to Him:

You are sleeping tonight. I will glide into your bedroom and see you there–lying on your back. You wake up with a jolt to find your sleep interrupted by me-straddling you and aiming your hard cock—uh–I mean MY erection into my wet pussy…just before i take what’s mine, I show you my pussy..spread it nice and open for you to see your new home for the next hour…it is wet and dark pink and swollen with intent.I take you as deeply as I choose and ride you at a speed that suits me. Chances are very high I will take inventory your semen~filled tesicles and coax/dare you to ejaculate.I invite you to kiss me deeply, massage my swollen,exposed clitorus, and touch my hot ass. It is so round and lovely and you dig your nails into it-gripping onto your ride.
Have a nice evening, Cyber lover.

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