AVN and Oscars, Similar Yet Different

The AVN Awards are often called “The Oscars” of the porn industry. What are the XBiz Awards then? The Emmy’s? The Golden Globes? Anyways, The Hollywood Reporter, an online gossip publication took it upon themselves to come up with the ways the porn awards are very similar to the Oscars. Do you think they were right? Let’s see.

First of all, they both have awards. Yes, they are called awards shows for a reason, people! However, the AVNs consist of 100 awards, but only 19 are given out at the ceremony. The Oscars have 24 “competitive” awards, all of which are given at the ceremony.

They both have red carpets. However, at the AVNs the carpet glitters with beautiful pornstars in their finest. It’s the one time you will probably catch these stars with their clothes on! The Oscars are full of stars in expensive and questionable gowns and suits. Yawn!

Both of the awards ceremonies use past winners and legends of the biz at presenters. However, at the AVNs you’re more likely to remember the presenters from your best fap session than that movie that made you fall asleep while you watched it with your girlfriend.

Plus, both awards shows have musical performances of the same caliber. AVN has hosted Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida and others in the past, while the Oscars have had guys like Lin Manuel Miranda.

So the porn biz is not that much different than tinsel town, is it? Well, some would definitely beg to differ. Other sources have been more keen to note the differences between the Oscars and the AVN Awards. Some say that while an Oscar is really exclusive to get nominated for, pretty much everyone who is anyone gets nominated for an AVN. There are more than 100 categories and multiple nominees for each one which means many opportunities for nomination. Winning is a little harder but still, your chances are better than the Oscars!

Some people even argue that the porn industry, which does still suffer from some forms of discrimination, is actually more diverse than the Oscars and the film industry. The AVNs have a category for trans performer of the year, and MILF performer of the year, which includes people of varying ages and gender identities than what you would usually think of for a pornstar. They even celebrate fatness with BBW performer of the year category.

Well, it’s up to you and luckily you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can enjoy fine films and love to check out hot porn too, so you can celebrate entertainment with either The Oscars or the AVN Awards as you please. They are similar, in that they are both awards shows, but of course they have notable differences.

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