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AVN Calls Luke Ford An Asshole

NL-Mark Kernes was nice enough to write a story about Lukeisback on Glad he likes me ?

LukeIsBack—But Fortunately, He Isn’t
Current site owner is a welcome relief from years of misery

CYBERSPACE—Anybody remember Luke Ford? No? Count yourself as lucky.

We first ran into Luke Ford in the mid-’90s on a Vivid shoot at the “round house” set on Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills. He seemed harmless enough, though his was the first yarmulke we’d ever seen on a porn set. He asked a few ineffectual questions, hung out with the rest of the media, then went on his way.

Little did anyone realize he’d turn out to be such an asshole.

Born in Australia to a Protestant minister, and later a convert to Judaism, Ford’s stock-in-trade was gossip, and from about 1995 onward, he’d post, either on his own website or on the rec.arts.movies.erotica (r.a.m.e.) site, pretty much anything anyone told him, good or (mostly) bad, about people and events in the adult industry, with rarely any attempt to ascertain whether what he was told was true. He even created a page on his site that listed performers’ stage names paired with their real names—prime material for stalkers……

The whole story is here-

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