Industry News Redesign

Mike South writes:

It’s actually very well done, they got rid of the pop ups for one. it loads a little faster but I have yet to analyze what all info they are collecting from you. I still wouldnt try this site on dial up unless you have a lot of time to wait on it.

At first glance I noticed that the headlines continuously rotate and the adspace has been thinned a bit

Then I noticed a weekly (or so) podcast with none other tha HWMIC Paul Fishbein. The first one being with John Stagliano. As I listened to it it becanme very obvious its no more than a let John pimp his products bit.

Nothing about his lawsuit against kaytel, nothing about his HIV nothing controverial….a few political views but mostly a long ad for evil angel, fashionistsa (the vegas show) and various websites.

Id like to see this grow into something with more substance and hopefully it will.

Paul is a very nice guy and I dont see him getting controversial.

I think they need me to do a regular podcast, I have no problem asking tough questions, but in a nice manner….well…sometimes.

One thing I will say is that this site is WAY better than the xbiz site and it has good potential.

The serach function doesnt work (fails with a cold fusion error) but since the site hasnt yet been officially announced I wont hold that against them.

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