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AVN Nominated Movies- The Bad & the GREAT!

I have spent the past week literally watching (sometimes it’s a rewatch of one I watched a long time ago) close to a hundred porn movies ( yes some got the FF treatment) and I’ve got to say that there is a lot of “Okay” movies out there. There are a few really good ones, and a few really bad ones. There are also a few that have tried something different and innovative and I appreciate that. My husband wonders if I am jaded and too hard on porn because of all the movies that I watch. I guess that is possible, but I try to stay fair and judge each movie on it’s own merits and not against others ( which might have a different budget).

So while I watched and rewatched this week what stood out to me were those movies that were really good and/or tried something risky and it worked. Those movies are a short list-  So Far… Glee, The Condemned, A Real Swinger’s Orgy, Charlie’s Angels

I also saw some very disappointing movies, at the top of that list is the Porn Anime, I didn’t know they did comps for anime, but opviously they do. These movies took a theme, MILFS, Nurses, etc and threw some scenes together from that genre with no rhyme, reason or storyline, AND to me there was no hotness what so ever. They were downright boring. Since I usually love anime, that was a huge let down. Vanilla sex via cartoon? Just awful. One of the things I love about this fantasy genre is the scary/sexy creators they make. Where were the monsters with 8 penises?

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