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AVN Novelty Expo Day II

New Videos: Interview With Jax Smith, CEO of SugarDVD Sex Toys Discussion Attorney – lobbyist Robert Raban discusses sex toys Aurora Jolie, Mr Marcus Diane Duke, Theresa Flynt Sex Toys Discussion Hustler Editor Bruce David pinch-hits for Larry Flynt FSC Presidents’ Discussion More discussion Porn Star Karaoke Ashlynn Brooke at PSK Will Powers on crutches

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(Because of server issues, I’ve had to disable my galleries for most of the past two weeks.)

Photos & Commentary

Mark Kernes summarizes the FSC’s membership meeting.

Tuesday evening, I hit Sardo’s Bar for the fourth anniversary of Porn Star Karaoke.

Jersey Jaxin tells me she’s now an agent for Shy Love (Shy’s Girls) with her fiance WB, a 29-year old embarking on his third marriage.

One of the gorgeous Sardo’s waitresses decided to find out what it was like to get it on with a male porn star. For her troubles, she contracted an STD (chlamydia?).

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