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AVN & VUDU both in trouble?

I have some sketchy info. I’ll give you what I have heard and you guys might be able to fill in the blanks a bit for me. AVN  laid off more employees.  I have confirmation that it did happen, but I don’t know any details at all. Paul Fishbein is on vacation.


VUDU laid off  about 15 of it’s 100 employees also last week.

VUDU is a box like AppleTV that allows you to purchase and watch movies, as VOD, including adult movies. They slashed the price on their equiptment and have been cutting the charge for movies, some to as low as .99 cents.

One year ago AVN launched it’s own channel on VUDU.

Whether these two companies both laying off staff at the same time has anything to do with each other or is just a coincidence I don’t know.



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